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What Does Your Butt Type Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Butt Type Say About Your Health?

Research has shown that women who possess larger butts that are traffic stopping are known to be more intelligent than those who do not. We don’t have the exact research. Those with larger buttocks tend to use a lot of Omega-3 fats, which help in the development of the brain, therefore making them more intelligent. Women with larger butts tend to possess cholesterol in lower amounts because their body produces a lot of hormones involved in processing sugar.

If you naturally have a bigger butt, you may already have those health benefits. But if you’re trying to get a bigger booty for the health benefits, you should 100% use bigger butt pills and cream to achieve your goals. If you’re the working-out type, we also have booty resistance bands that you can squat with to get a bigger booty.

When you have a butt size that is bigger than a lot of people, you should definitely be happy with the cosmetic and health benefits. But if you’re wondering what your butt type already says about your health, look no further:

Square Shaped Booty

When you have a butt that is square shaped, there are some things to it. Those with squared shape butts typically don’t exercise as much so it isn’t as round. It could also mean that your body’s fat storage preference could be away from your booty, which is unfortunate if you wanted a natural butt.

We strongly recommend that you use Booty Maxx Butt Enhancement Pills ASAP if you have a Square Shaped Booty.


When a woman possesses the circle shaped booty, its a strong indication of a healthy body and booty type. This is a very sought after booty type and very desirable for both men and women. If you have a circle shape booty, you should definitely use Booty Maxx Butt Enhancement Cream to maintain its shape, especially if you aren’t working out.

Heart Shaped

This is one shape of butt that a lot of women would do anything to have. Who wouldn't want to have a butt that is bigger at the bottom, and gets slimmer as you go up to the waist?. This is the perfect butt shape, as it gives the woman the hourglass look.

Let's look at the great side because those with such bodies are known to lose their fat quickly. Though it may look great, it won't be a bad idea to have the fat rid-of, to prevent health issues in the future.

If you’re trying to get a bigger butt in 2019, you should definitely consider using butt enhancement supplements from Booty Maxx. Check out Booty Maxx Reviews to help you decide if Booty Maxx is right for you.

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