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Does Your Job Flatten Your Booty?

Does Your Job Flatten Your Booty?

Unfortunately, those of us with desk jobs or any job that requires sitting for long periods of time are at risk of dealing with a flattened booty. I know some of you may think that a flat booty is better than a fat booty and either way you look at it both can be frustrating.

Office work, game testers, people who make crafts for a living and any other type of work that involves being seated is just one way that our booty can deflate or get flat. Honestly, any type of work that isn’t working your glutes could be causing a flat bottom. It may seem odd because while some jobs have us busy all day in physical ways if our booty isn’t in on the action it.  

How To Bring The Bounce Back To That Booty

NO! You don’t have to find a new job or career but you might have to invest a little time and maybe even a little bit of money.

  • Work It: You don’t have to have a gym membership to get those glutes into shape. Booty bands are great little pieces to work out with. The exercises can get your booty fuller, larger, and lifted. You can try to squeeze in a few lunges or squats during breaks to help keep your butt in shape. 
  • Booty Pills: Butt enhancement pills are very popular. You can take two of the all natural butt enhancement pills and see results in a few weeks. It will look like that flat bottom has been inflated. 
  • Fat Trim Cream: I know we’re talking about a flattened booty but a flat booty can become a flabby booty too. Fat trim cream can be used anywhere there is stubborn cellulite lurking. I’m pretty sure when it comes to our booty it can be both flat and fat at the same time.
  • Seated Exercises: There are actually exercise that can be done while in your office chair. They won’t cause your booty to get buff but it will help keep those glutes in better shape. If you work from a private office you can replace your chair with an exercise ball as an added bonus. 

  • Don’t let your job ruin your beautiful booty. There are ways to avoid a blow out and there are ways to inflate the deflated. 

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