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Celebrity Butt Shots: The Good & The Ugly

Celebrity Butt Shots: The Good & The Ugly

Since the beginning of time, the size and shape of the female butt has mattered. Fast forward to present day, a lot of women can now have the butt shape and size that they want. The size of a butt is linked to the size of some women's confidence, and this has seen a lot of them getting butt shots to get the perfect butt size and shape for them. While we at Booty Maxx advise against getting butt shots, injections, or lifts from surgery, we can still speculate who has the nicest work done on their rear end.

Your safest bet to getting a bigger booty is bigger butt pills and cream since they’re safer and less expensive. Getting a bigger booty has never been easier, and since Booty Maxx has the highest reviewed butt enhancement pills and cream, we can brag about our products’ effectiveness.

Cardi B: The Good

Who doesn't like Cardi B? Who doesn't like the talented rapper that came into limelight in 2017? She had always been vocal about the plastic surgery she had done. Unlike a lot of people, who hide their plastic surgery procedures, Cardi B is different, as she has spoken about her breast augmentation, and the butt shots she had.

Cardi B claimed that she really wanted a bigger ass, and would have done anything to have it. To a lot of people, we can't have enough of Cardi B's butt. Once she steps on the stage, our eyes always hover on her butt. Damn!

Virginia Gallardo: The Good

The Argentinian dancer and model has spoken about the butt implant surgery she did. Virginia voiced that she went through butt reshaping to help improve her confidence. Stare at a picture of Virginia, and you will confess that her butt really does look good.

Kim Kardashian: The Unknown

Kim said she had laser and Botox treatments, but has refused to talk about her plastic surgery treatments, especially her signature buttocks that leave many people drooling. One can't compile a list of great booty’s without placing Kim's name there. Never! Many feel she underwent Brazilian Butt Lift, but the world may never know! 

While we can only guess, we wouldn't be surprised if Kim Kardashian used butt enhancement pills or butt enhancement cream

Blac Chyna: The Ugly

If Kim Kardashian got the luscious butt, we could definitely tell you that the former Kardashian, Blac Chyna got the polar end.

Blac Chyna, formerly a Kardashian, because of her relationship with Rob Kardashian seems to be basking in the ocean of butt implant mishap. She may even be given the poster girl of bad butts implants. Why do we feel it's bad? First of all, anyone with eyes won't think the butt on Blac Chyna is as great as the butt on Kim. When one stares at Kim's butt, what appears on the person's face is admiration, but when a person stares at Blac Chyna, he begins to wonder what the hell happened. Blac Chyna's butt seems to be dropping, making the butt look deformed.

Are you wondering if you should get butt injections or not? At Booty Maxx, we say absolutely not. Contact Booty Maxx today if you’d like more reasons as to not get butt injections and instead get pills and cream that make your butt bigger!

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    Jason VillastrigoDecember 14, 2018

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