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How To Look Curvier Based On Body Type

how to get a bigger butt, tiny waist, and bigger breasts based on body type

There is no one-size-fits-all for women to look curvier. Since women all have unique body types and shapes, wearing the same clothes or doing the same workouts won’t give you the same results. You could be doing workouts that will not have an effect on your body as well as it could for another woman with a different body type than you. Being aware of this can make your life easier if you’re trying to get a bigger butt, slim your waist, or burn fat in unwanted areas.

At Booty Maxx, we hate wasting time. That’s why we made our bigger butt pills and cream that help many women get a bigger butt without difficult workout routines that we all know they don’t want to do. In addition, we released supplements to get bigger breasts as well for women who are bottom heavy to add some curviness to their chest. Since breasts, booty, hips, and waist are most important for curviness, Booty Maxx is your one-stop shop for all things sexy.

There are 3 main body types out there for women. Realistically, about 8 of them exist, but in general most people know about these three: hourglass shape, pear shape, and apple shape. You’ve probably heard of hourglass figures and how women are so lucky to have them. The reality is, anyone can get an hourglass figure with Booty Maxx’s help!

Here are the three body types and how to look curvier based off of your measurements:

Hourglass Figure Curviness

If you have an hourglass figure, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are curvy. Women can have the measurements to say they have an hourglass shape (which means their bust and hips measurements match with a tiny waist) but can have a relatively flat chest and flat booty. A natural hourglass figure sounds nice and is achievable for a lot of women, but this article is about getting thick, so here’s how to do it with an hourglass figure:

Use Booty Maxx products to maintain your body. You can do this by using our waist slimmer fat trim belt that helps in keeping your waist tiny in relation to the rest of your body. Then, use our Breast Maxx Kit and Booty Maxx Kit to plump up your boobies and butt to get the curviness you desire. Since you have an hourglass figure, you likely have an active and quick metabolism, so diet isn’t as important for you to get curvy.

Pear Shape Curviness

A pear shape is probably one of the more common shapes today. This is a good shape for most women and definitely helps with getting a bigger butt. Since you would be bottom heavy with this body shape, using our bigger butt pills & Cream would be great in shaping and contouring your booty to have a good thickness. We highly recommend using our Breast Maxx Kit + Fat Trim Belt to shape your waist while making progress towards bigger breasts.

The pear shape is pretty easy in turning it into an hourglass. You already got the hips, but now it’s time to use a waist slimmer and our pills and cream to get bigger breasts to get that curviness you want. We also have a fat trimming cream that can shape your legs and stomach more as well! If you have this body shape, you’re in a good place to getting curvy in no time.

Apple Shape Curviness

An apple shaped body is probably the least desirable for women out of all of these types, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! An apple shaped body is one that is top heavy: the waist is about the same width as the rest of the body and there isn’t much shape. The booty is likely really small with this body type, but breasts could be large, but likely not shaped nicely. This body type will certainly need every Booty Maxx product available to help with curviness.

We would recommend getting the Booty Maxx Kit + Fat Trim Kit to help jumpstart your journey to curviness. Getting a bigger butt while slimming your waist to curve your body out should be your number one goal since you are top heavy. Use our waist slimmer daily and according to our instructions for best results. After your waist gets slimmer and your noticing booty gains after a month or two, you should move on to Breast Maxx to plump and shape your boobies.

Our reviews speak for themselves and we’re confident that our products can help any body type get curvier. If you have any questions or concerns using Booty Maxx, feel free to contact us today!

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