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5 Struggles That Women With Small Butts Have

5 Struggles That Women With Small Butts Have

5 struggles that women with flat butts have

Having a flat booty isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but having a big butt has many more benefits than a small booty in 2018. You shouldn’t be ashamed of having a flat booty if you have one, and that’s not the point of this blog. But there are some universal struggles that women with flat butts have that they may be self-conscious of that they shouldn’t be.

Before we get into the struggles, we should say that if you have a flat butt and you haven’t tried Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills that help you get a bigger booty, you’re wasting time. Pills and cream that make your butt bigger is the future. If you have a flat butt, you probably wish sometimes that you had a bigger butt and have tried exercises in the past that really didn’t do anything for your curves. We want to help you, not put you down!

Ultimately, these struggles could be funny to women with big butts, but women with flat butts actually have these struggles in their daily lives. Without further ado, here are 5 struggles that women with flat butts have:

Pants Don’t Look Good On Your Butt

You spend hours at the mall searching for a good pair of pants, finding that no pair of pants looks good on your flat butt. So much time is wasted searching for pants or shorts that make your butt look bigger to no avail. We have yet to find a good store the sells pants for women with flat butts that make their butts look bigger. Maybe there’s a business opportunity for Booty Maxx there, so stay tuned! Either way, women with big butts don’t have this struggle, so getting a bigger butt would definitely solve this issue.


Online Shopping Is Impossible

Ever seen a Fashion Nova post? Try to find an image they posted with a female with a flat booty, it’s near impossible. Moral of the story: online shopping is near impossible because most online retailers like Fashion Nova sell pants for women with curves. If you don’t have curves and you buy pants online, you’ll likely have to return them because they don’t look great on your booty. Once again, pills and cream to make your butt bigger exist, and we sell them on our website in a discounted kit for you to start with.

Dancing Never Looks Good

Using your butt cheeks in dance moves is pretty much standard in 2018. Have you ever heard of twerking? If you have a flat butt, twerking is pretty much a no-can-do. You could try to practice without one, but we would highly not recommend doing it in public unless you have fat butt cheek that will bounce when you move your hips. Dancing in general just looks better if your body is curvier, so we would actually recommend our butt enhancement pills and cream in addition to our waist slimmer fat trim belt and fat burning cream. Treat your dancing partner (your husband, boyfriend, or random guy at the club) to a tiny waist to grab on to while you dance.

Dresses Aren’t Fun

Wearing a tight dress when you go out to the club for a woman with a flat booty isn’t as fun compared to if you had a big butt. Flat butts just don’t turn heads on the dance floor like a big booty does, so if you were looking for some attention at the club, you have to have curves. Our Booty Maxx Kit + Fat Trim Kit will change your life if that is the case. We highly recommend using our entire line of products to get the curves necessary to look sexy and phat for any occasion, but especially those times where you need to wear a dress.

Bikinis Make Your Butt Look Worse

Being able to wear a bikini is a great opportunity to show off how sexy your body is, but if your butt is flat, your bikini bottoms will actually make your butt look worse than in jeans. That’s because there’s a natural expectation in our society that when a woman wears a bikini, it’s supposed to be naturally sexy. If your booty doesn’t live up to the expectation, you should really focus on getting a bigger butt. Summer's not over, and our bigger butt pills can work in a matter of 4 weeks if you follow the instructions.

Having a flat booty isn’t a bad thing, but having a bigger butt is simply more fun. If you have any questions or concerns about Booty Maxx, contact us today!

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  • Shanice Akinyi
    Shanice AkinyiNovember 08, 2018

    Can I get the booty Maxx kit
    From Kenya.
    And after how long should I stop using it

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