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5 Reasons Your Booty Isn’t Getting Bigger
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5 Reasons Your Booty Isn’t Getting Bigger

5 Reasons Your Booty Isn’t Getting Bigger

Have you been doing all the things that you think would help you get a bigger lifted and toned booty but have yet to see results? Are you going through all of the motions with little results? Don’t worry too much because sometimes it just takes a little tweaking in order to get things to function properly. Something that is wise to remember, is that every single one of us has a body that is unique and original. One person might be using the same exact techniques as you are with results taking place in a few weeks while you might not see any results until you’re at the month and a half mark. There could be numerous things that are keeping your booty from getting bigger but today we’re going to give you five of them as a base of places to start.

  • Exercises: You may not be doing the right exercises needed to target the gluteal muscles enough. Another aspect could be that you’re not exercising as often as you should or for as long as a time duration that’s needed. A good glute workout routine should be incorporated into at least three days each week. Every session should last from half an hour to 45-minutes. This will ensure that your muscles getting what they need to increase in size or shape. Also, using specific exercises will target different gluteal muscles. If you are going for bigger the remember to work all three gluteal muscles.
  • Your Booty Needs Some Encouragement: Sometimes our body needs a little extra encouragement to get on with it. Bigger butt supplements and booty cream help give your body and booty the extra nutritional aspects it needs to be successful. Muscle building, regenerating, and energizing plants are just a few of the natural things that make up either product. A little kickstart in the rear should bring you up a notch towards reaching your bigger booty goals.
  • You’re Dealing With Dead Butt Syndrome: Yes, we are totally for real right now! Dead butt syndrome is definitely a thing and it happens more often to those of us who do our work sitting down. Office work and other jobs have us seated for lengthy periods of time which can cause our rear-end muscles to become weak. You ever sit so long you feel your cheeks tingle? If that happens to often you could potentially end up with DBS. The good news is that you can revive your bum with specific exercises, stretching, and less time sitting with longer breaks between.
  • Diet: You may be lacking some of the bigger booty foods. Any time we are working out or trying to get into better shape our body is going to need a little extra of this and more of that. It isn’t always about eliminating sweet treats and salty crunchiness. Sometimes you just have to make sure you’re getting those healthy fats and other muscle-building foods like protein if you expect those muscles to do anything.
  • Trimming Up Around The Booty: Sometimes it is more about perception than it is the lack of growth. If your waist is a little thick it may be a good idea to try and trim down the waistline in order to let the bigger booty pull through. Basically, sometimes it just doesn’t look like it’s getting bigger you just may not have noticed yet. Try tracking your success through photographs.

  • Every booty is different and our strengths and weaknesses are going to vary. Sometimes our butt might not be getting bigger and it’s due to a totally different reason than the next person’s. If everything on this list checks out with you and your booty growth then it might be time to delve a little deeper. However, if you look for answers and track the progress you are bound to be able to come to your own conclusion for your booty’s personal reasons as to why it’s not getting bigger. 

    Take a little time to look into the exercises you can do, how they target certain muscles, and the common results achieved through those exercises. If you’re going for lifted but not sculpted you are going to have different exercises and intensity. You are an individual and you can reach those bigger booty goals even if you have to do a little searching for answers. Learn your body and make it better! 

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