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5 Reasons Butt Surgery Is Not Worth It
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5 Reasons Butt Surgery Is Not Worth It

There are a lot of people that have had various forms of cosmetic surgeries. Butt enhancements like the well-known Brazillian Butt Lift can be pretty dangerous procedures. If you or someone you know has been considering getting any form of booty enhancement surgeries you should look into some of the information regarding mishaps and surgeries that have gone wrong. According to an article in USA Today, Brazillian Butt Lifts are one of the most dangerous plastic surgery procedures out there. Some of the pictures were a little terrifying.

  1. Can Be Potentially Life-Threatening: There is a series titled Botched Up Bodies on Netflix and if you ever take the time to watch a few of those episodes you will see for yourself why butt surgery isn’t worth it. Too many bad things can go wrong include the possibility of death. There are so many safer ways a person can get a lifted, fuller, and tone booty without any plastic or some strange collagen shot mixed with chemical filler. When I was younger there was an elder that used to say “you might as well kiss your tail end goodbye” it seems quite fitting here.
  2. It Is Expensive: Cosmetic and plastic surgery costs far more than a year’s membership at most gyms. The prices paid when getting a butt enhancement surgery go beyond money. So not only is a person going to be paying a lot of money out to get surgery on top of surgery but there’s a possibility that they could also pay with their life. It might sound extreme but it is the truth. Natural ways of getting a better booty are cheaper and safer than all that hassle and headache.
  3.  You Keep Going Back For More: In number two we mentioned that it’s likely going to result in surgery after surgery but there are also things like the collagen shots that need to be taken however many times a month or year. It’s like you’re stuck always having to go back for more or deal with a deflating bum, misshapen booty, bulges, and who knows what else because new research is always catching something new and dangerous. For some people, cosmetic or plastic surgery can become somewhat of an obsession and slightly addictive too. They start trying to lift, tuck, shape and bend everything and after time they just slowly fall apart.
  4. You Can Do It Yourself: Surgery isn’t necessary to get the lifted, toned, fuller, and shaped booty. A little time, effort, dedication, and resources and you can get the same beautiful booty in a natural and safer way. Bigger butt supplements, booty firming cream, and some exercises that target your glutes will have your booty banging and you’ll feel so much better because you put in the work. Squats, lunges, and leg lifts are all simple exercises to start your better booty workout.
  5. What If You’re Unhappy With The Results?: There are a lot of stories out there about a person getting some form of plastic surgery and hating the results. This kind of thing isn’t so simple to just undo. When you choose the natural route the results may take more time but when you’ve reached the point where you feel like your booty is tone enough you can ease up on your workout and supplements. It doesn’t work that way with these surgeries, they put you under anesthesia, perform the surgery, and when you wake up, it is what it is. The only way to fix or improve anything is to receive more surgery. At this point, you’ve already spent a lot of money, put yourself at risk, and are having to return for more surgery.

The risks involved with getting butt surgery or any kind of plastic surgery aren’t worth the potentially dangerous outcomes. When you place the pros and cons on the scale the bad outweighs the good. In the end, your tail end surgery isn’t going to be worth it. Often times, the best changes that we make about ourselves are the ones we put effort, dedication, work, and our time into. If you’re considering going under the knife for some butt enhancement surgery why not try some of Booty Maxx’s products and some exercises? It’s much cheaper and safer.

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