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4 Booty Workout Pages On Instagram You Need To Follow

latina women holds booty maxx butt enhancing cream that helps you get a bigger buttInspirational pages on Instagram come a dime a dozen. There are countless booty improvement profiles on the web that just display big butts but don’t tell you how you can get one. They could at least mention that butt enhancement supplements exist and have helped thousands of women get a bigger butt without working out. Regardless, these pages exist, but should you follow any page that displays big butts?

The Booty Maxx team has spent a lot of time on Instagram looking through all of these pages, conducting valuable research to find the best ones that our customers should follow. Getting a bigger butt, while achievable through butt enhancement pills and cream, can also be achieved by workout out. We encourage our customers to consider simple workouts at the least to supplement our supplements, but following a good page can put good workouts in your feed on the daily.

These are 5 booty-inspiring Instagram pages to follow ASAP:


We love inspiring Instagram pages with handles that explicitly declare their purpose: based on their handle (@howtogetabooty), you know exactly what to expect from their content. By scrolling through their feed, you can see a bunch of cool workouts, influencers, and tips that can help you reach your booty goals. While their page doesn’t look as good as the Booty Maxx official Instagram page, we can appreciate good content when we see them.


Another great Instagram handle, Butt Workouts! Is another page that consistently posts workouts for a bigger booty. Based on our research, their content looks relatively original and the videos are high quality. Every squat and deadlift video has an influencer with impeccable form, which you can expect to see on Instagram nowadays. Don’t be afraid to mimic the exercises you see on their page!


Getting a bigger butt doesn’t have to be difficult and the Big Butt Guide on Instagram is trying to change that mindset for you. This page seems comfortable posting before and after photos of women getting a bigger butt, which we approve of. Some of the best motivation a girl can get is seeing a fellow woman on the same mission to improve her body aesthetic. In addition, this page seems to add some diversity in their posts as well, with butt photos, videos, yoga workouts, gym workouts, and more!


This Instagram profile isn’t necessarily for the booty, but it does promote having toned legs which contributes to your overall curviness. Legworkouts is a page that we particularly enjoy because it adds some diversity in our workout-- it’s difficult to workout your glutes everyday, so why not change it up with some leg workouts? We believe in total body makeovers, which is why we added our waist slimmer fat trim belt and fat trimming cream to help you achieve that.

We can’t recommend enough starting your bigger booty journey with our Let’s Get It Started Kit. It’ll make your progress so much faster than starting with exhausting workouts. But once you have consistency in using butt enhancement supplements, working out will boost your progress in the long run. If you really want a body makeover as fast as possible, we recommend our Booty Maxx Kit & Fat Trim Kit that includes butt enhancement pills and cream, a waist slimmer, and our new fat trimming cream.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we can help you with you get a bigger butt today!

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