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Why Your Butt Isn't Getting Bigger After Many Squats

Why Your Butt Isn't Getting Bigger After Many Squats

Selectively training a specific part of your body just isn’t possible. What many people don’t know is that squats don’t just work your glutes, but they also engage the muscles in your lower body. For some women, building muscles can be a slow process which is why they get discouraged when they don’t see any results. However, there are some mistakes that you might be making that is preventing your glute workout from being effective.

Poor Form

According to many fitness experts, an incorrect form is the biggest reason why people don’t see any results. If your form is a C on your best days, then it’s time to change things. Squats are perhaps one of the most effective booty building exercises you can do. The most common mistake people make when they squat are initiating the movement with their knees rather than hinging their hips backward.

Your Glutes Aren’t Being Activated

If you tend to sit on your butt all day, then you might be suffering from “dead butt” syndrome. When your glute muscles are regularly used it can be difficult to activate them to their full potential. Therefore, it’s possible that your glutes aren’t firing or getting stronger while you are working out. Make glute activation exercises part of your warm-up before you begin squatting.

It’s Time to Go Heavier

If you’ve hit a plateau, then it may be time to start lifting increasing your load. For the next few weeks, you should go really heavy with the weights to challenge your muscle which aids in growth. You don’t want to go so heavy that you aren’t able to perform the reps.

Play With The Tempo

Believe it or not, the simple up and down motion which each rep. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish by varying your tempo squat,which also includes how long you hold each squat. When the muscle is under tension it grows thicker and stronger.

You Are Sticking to Squats Only

If squats are the only exercise in your booty building routine than the chances of building the booty you want is slim. Fitness experts will recommend implementing other types of glute exercises which includes; bridges, lunges, and deadlifts.

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