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Why You Should Do Butt Exercises Before You Run

Why You Should Do Butt Exercises Before You Run

Are you ready for your next run? If you haven’t activated your glutes than you aren’t quite prepared for a safe and fast run. According to fitness experts, the gluteal muscles are some of the strongest muscle groups in the body. The gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus all work together to ensure that your hips and knees are aligned and that your pelvis is stabilized. When it comes to your runs, these processes are important since the glutes hold the pelvis level and steady and extending your hips is what propels your body forwards. 

Why A Glute Workout Is Important

So how’s your butt? Most people have inactive glute muscles. This is especially so if you spend the majority of the day sitting at work. After all, you don’t need to contract them when you’re just sitting there. If you’re sitting too much the hip flexors starts to tighten and the glute muscles begin to lengthen. As a result, the gluteal muscles become desensitized and it won’t be able to engage the muscle fibers it needs to engage them. 

When the glutes aren’t firing properly this can affect your entire body. Other muscles groups are forced to work harder. A lack of gluteal activation usually results in muscle imbalances and your back, knee, and foot will have to exert more effort just to run. Overuse of these muscles can lead to injury.

Wake Up Your Glute Muscles

If you’re glute muscles are relaxed it’s time to wake them up with activation exercises. A pre run glute workout which consist of low intensity movements which can is essential for a safe run. Activation exercises will get the blood flowing in the muscles and it primes the neurological pathways which controls the muscle groups. Basically, these types of exercises tells your muscles to stop resting.

There are a wide variety of glute activation exercises that you can incorporate in your pre workout routine. Consider incorporating the Booty Maxx booty band which is a mini loop resistance band that can be especially help you increase the muscle mass in your booty and make it stronger. Side leg glutes, lateral band walk, and squats are just a few simple butt exercises you can do on your own.The goal is to feel your glutes not exhaust them.  It’s important to workout your glutes consistently especially if you are sitting on your bum daily for long periods of time.

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