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Why Is My Booty Starting to Sag

Why Is My Booty Starting to Sag

Not liking what you see in the mirror? No doubt, a perk rear end makes the last impression, but what if you’ve noticed that your buttocks have begun to sag or take on a droopy appearance? Yes, a sagging but refers to reduced muscle definition in the gluteus maximus which is the largest muscle in the butt. An in shape booty has taut and firm muscles.  Typically, a sagging booty is characterized by mild to severe deflated skin in this area that looks and lacks form. If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone. In fact, that’s why many women are flocking to the plastic surgeon for expensive butt enhancements. But what actually causes a sagging butt?

Excess Fat

A sagging butt is often the result of excess fat. When an individual consumes too many calories and doesn’t get enough exercise, fat begins to accumulate in the body. Everyone experiences fat storage differently. In some individuals, fat deposits may build up in their arms while for others excess fat goes right to the tummy area. However, in overweight individuals with sagging buttocks, the fat deposits tend to get sandwich right between the gluteal muscles and the external layer of skin. Too much fat in the buttocks will ultimately result in a saggy butt.


Unfortunately, as we age the fat in our bodies naturally atrophies. Our skin becomes loose and begins to lose its vitality. As a result. the butt starts to look like it's sagging. What many people don’t know is as the skin changes so do the fat. Cellulite becomes more apparent. The aging process also results in decreased muscle mass. Therefore, you get older you can expect the muscles in your butt to lose muscle definition.

Weight loss

There is no better feeling than reaching your weight loss goals.  If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight it can leave behind excess loose tissue that had stretched out to make room for fat. This can happen in any part of the body but it's more common and problematic in the buttocks.

Lack of  Exercise

Do you spend all day sitting on your butt? Yes, a lack of exercise can cause gluteal atrophy. Also sitting for extensive periods will lead to your hip shortening and becoming tighter. The muscles in your buttocks will become weaker.

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