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Why Does My Booty Look Flat In Dresses?
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Why Does My Booty Look Flat In Dresses?

Believe it or not, some dresses are made to sort of hide the booty even if your booty’s got it going on! Sometimes it is the style of the dress while other times it is how you’re wearing it. The shoes you wear also make a big difference in how your behind looks. Never fear because there are a few different things you can do to enhance your butt in your favorite dress. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

  • Tighter Fitting Dress: If your dress is making your butt look flatter than you’d like, try wearing a tighter fitting dress. Opt for a different style that suits your body and look best. Not all dresses are created equal. You could always have alterations made to the dresses you already have. Just bring the size in a little in the booty region.
  • Wear High Heels: Wearing high heels changes your posture naturally it kind of causes your butt to stick out just a little more than it normally would. Heels also seem to bring out the natural curve of the entire body and makes the calf muscles look amazing too. It’s like a win-win situation.
  • Butt Enhancement Pills: This option may take a little more time but it’s a great way to add some behind to that booty. Natural booty pills can do so much for a person’s backside. If you add some glute exercises the magic will work a little faster. 
  • Accessorize: Adding a cute little purse to your outfit can make your butt look a little bigger, as well as causing it to stand out. Be sure to pick a color that doesn’t match the dress you’re wearing go for lighter or darker shades.
  • Patterns & Colors: If you want your booty to stand out then choose checkered or horizontal striped patterns and don’t be afraid to pick bolder and brighter colors. This will draw more attention to your bum by making it stand out especially if the pattern is specifically around the waist and butt area. 

  • If your booty looks flat in the dresses you wear try some of the options above to help you get the right style and look that suits you and your booty.

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