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How To Get A Healthy Looking Booty
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How To Get A Healthy Looking Booty

Cellulite, flat bottoms, booty bumps, and saggy bums are all undesirable qualities but it happens. The good news is that there are ways to get that healthy booty you might have always looked for. Don’t let that dragging bottom get you down, here are six ways you can improve that behind and they’re all natural and safe!

  • Work Those Glutes: Squats, lunges, bridge lifts, donkey kicks, and walking are all great ways to get the 3 areas of the glutes in bootylicious shape. These exercises will firm up those cheeks and help build some shape.
  • Booty Diet: If you’re underweight add calories to your diet. Protein shakes or adding calories through the foods you eat will help add some oomph to your butt. If you’re overweight it’s the opposite, eliminate your calorie intake in order to shed some pounds. Remember, protein is essential for building muscle.
  • Eliminate Booty Bumps & Acne: Nothing’s worse than getting a new bikini and breaking out in bumps or acne. No worries, exfoliate those sweet cheeks. That’s right, exfoliators aren’t just for your face. Use a gentle body scrub one or two times a week and it will help get rid of those bumps before you know it.
  • Moisturize It: Don’t forget to moisturize that beautiful bum! Oil-free cream is the best option because moisturizers containing oils can lead to booty bumps and acne. Baby lotion is one of the better lotions to use after all, they don’t say “as smooth as a baby’s bottom” for nothing.
  • Curb That Cellulite: Cellulite can be depressing. All you need is a natural fiber brush for this. Before you hop into the shower take your fiber bristle brush and scrub your bottom in a circular motion. This helps get rid of dry skin, tighten the loose skin, promotes cell renewal/rejuvenation, and increases circulation to the area. 
  • Booty Pills & Cream: Yes, you read that correctly. You can use butt enhancement pills and cream to help get a bigger more plump booty. If you’re looking for a larger, fuller, and lifted booty right here’s where it’s at. These are all natural supplements to get that booty bouncing into shape! 

  • It is possible to get the butt you desire all you have to do is put in a little bit of work and you’re bound to see positive results in no time! 

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