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Why Does Every Girl Want A Big Booty in 2018?

Why Does Every Girl Want A Big Booty in 2018?

About 15 years ago, having a big booty was considered a bad thing. Nearly every early-2000s comedy movie has a scene where an actress asks her friend whether a shirt, skirt, or pair of jeans makes her butt look big. Watching a scene like that in 2018 would likely make you cringe a bit since having a bigger butt is considered a luxury today.

We really don’t need to go down the list of celebrities, singers, and reality stars that all have big butts. The Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and other famous women love to flaunt their big booty on Instagram and in the tabloids. How they got these magnificently large butts a question for another day (although Kylie Jenner admitted to using butt enhancement cream), but it’s interesting nonetheless that the world has been taken by storm by having a big butt.

Getting a bigger booty is now a top priority for many women (which is why we launched Booty Maxx booty pills and butt cream), which isn’t difficult to digest. Big butts are literally everywhere on social media and the internet, but we wanted to narrow it down to 3 reasons why nearly every girl wants a big booty in 2018.

Big Butts Increase Sexy Levels by 1000%

A big booty can truly take your sexiness to a whole ‘nother level. Seriously, from a bigger butt will take you from 0-100 real quick. There’s a reason why consumer advertising from big lingerie brands like Victoria Secret and Pink are now putting a bigger emphasis on their underwear line rather than their bra line. While big breasts are still in, big butts are now #1 as far as physical sexual attributes for women.

A big booty can truly cause car accidents if you’re walking down the street with a serious badonkadonk-- it’s the new captivating body part that men can’t get enough of in 2018. If you haven’t started on your big butt journey though, it’s not too late to increase those sexy levels with some Booty Maxx natural butt enhancement pills and cream.

You Instantly Become More Fun With A Bigger Butt

There are many instances where having a big butt can earn you respect from your girlfriends and help you out in certain situations where you can let your hair loose and party. While twerking isn’t the world’s most famous dance move anymore, it’s still up there as far as popularity, especially in rapper/hip-hop music videos. Ultimately, it’s harder to get your freak on with your girlfriends or a guy on the dance floor with a flat butt.

Of course, you also get to wear more interesting clothing items like sexier bikinis, butt popping jeans, and captivating lingerie for your intimate situations. The value of a bigger booty extends to your public life (including especially your Instagram profile) as well as your private life if you know what we mean 😉

Bigger Booty = Greater Confidence

While it isn’t the healthiest thing to have your confidence tied to your physical attributes, it will definitely help you in many social situations. Greater physical attractiveness (like having a big booty) will help in many social situations that having a flat butt would have an opposite, negative effect. From going out with your girlfriends to going out on a date with a new guy or your significant other, having a big butt can do wonders for your self-esteem.

To conclude, wanting a bigger butt is natural given our day and age. This isn’t the early 2000s anymore-- it’s okay to have a big butt, and you should be proud of it if you have one. If you don’t have one yet, that’s fine too! It’s never too late to hit the gym or use Booty Maxx’s natural butt enhancement products. We recommend our Let’s Get It Started Kit for first-time users to maximize the effectiveness of the products.

Do the right thing for your booty and get on the trend while it’s here!

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