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What is the right type of underwear for your butt shape??

What is the right type of underwear for your butt shape??


The human body comes in all shapes and sizes, just like your butt does. Weather you call it booty, behind, cheekies, or buttocks, the fact is that the we all have one. What we don’t all have is the same shape. In reality, there are four basic booty shapes and there’s a specific underwear style to flatter each one. Here are the perfect panties for each booty type.

Heart Booty

Too much coverage can add unwanted volume to an already bottom-heavy booty. To make it look lifted and perky, center details like crimps can help draw the eye upwards and make your bottom look more proportional. Avoid panties that have small leg openings, they will bunch up at your bottom causing unflattering bulging – styles like boy shorts and briefs are off limits for this shape.

Go with, Bikinis, minikinis, and thongs in stretchy, seamless materials that will lay flat and won’t add more bulk to your bum.

Round Booty

Full coverage panties tend to fall short when attempting to covering a curvy  bottom. Bikinis and briefs can cause a full bottom to look bulky and cause bulges or panty lines. Look for high cut legs openings and silhouettes that gather high on the rear. Round booty types will sometimes find that the majority of their volume is in the center of the cheeks, leaving them to feel out of proportion with sides of the butt that are less full. In this case, the goal is to create the illusion of much more volume on the sides.

Go with, Thongs and Minikinis they show off your full figure and are an easy way to avoid access fabric.

Inverted triangle booty

“A V-shape means there is basically no rear, This booty type is common among older women, who experience a shift in fat storage and loss of muscle tone, resulting in an inverted shape with less fullness at the base. For this reason women turn for help in butt enhancement pills. While women wait for the butt pills to take effect it is important to know that by creating a more round look  coverage is important.

Go with  Styles with a lower cut leg opening that hits right below the butt crease.briefs, bikinis, hipsters and boy shorts

Square booty

If you look at your bum in the mirror, and your hip bones and outer thighs run straight down without much of a curve – then you’re a square booty. This butt type has an equal width at the top, center, and bottom, and often looks flatter because of the lack of curves. You may notice there is a “hip dip” which is a divet between the pelvis and the actual cheek. Again along with using pills that will make your butt bigger get creative and dress that behind. Since the hip and outer thigh are the same width, this creates the appearance of a longer torso and can make it difficult to distinguish where the back ends and where the booty begins. This makes the goal for Square shapes to create curves and an illusion of roundness. Avoid solid colored panties which can make you look flat and go with lace or a print instead.

Go with,High rise waists and cheeky bottoms

The best booty is your booty! Just like with dresses, jeans, or leggings the key to looking your best is knowing your shape and picking garments that highlight your good value.

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