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What Does Your Butt Shape Say About Your Health

What Does Your Butt Shape Say About Your Health

What’s your booty looking like? Of course, all butts come in different shapes and sizes. While some people love the shape and size of their bottoms, a lot of us need to work on toning and shaping our bottoms. Sometimes wearing the right kind of clothing can mask our bodily flaws, but if you’re dierre’s long-lasting confidence it takes work. There are five main types of butt shapes and knowing your shape can help you understand what exercises you need to do in order to improve your dierre’s shape. 


A round-shaped bottom also commonly referred to as a bubble butt or cherry bottom is a healthy and good shaped butt. Typically, with this type of shape bottom, fat is deposited in the upper portion of the glutes and distribution is equal, which is why it has a full appearance. If you have a round booty, with extra fat towards the bottom you can improve the shape of your butt with cardio and a simple glute workout routine. 


What if you have a square-shaped bottom? More than likely your hips and pelvis are the same width giving off a square-shaped appearance. Most women with this bottom shape desire to make their butts more rounder and fuller. If you have a square-shaped butt you might also have love handles which can be caused by excess fat around the waist which can be trimmed with exercises like clamshells, side abductions, and side lunges. 

V- Shape

Do you have a V-shape booty? This body shape is usually accompanied with broader shoulders than hips and there’s typically a lack of curves, While the waist is typically smaller fat tends to gather in the around the hips rather than the bottom of the bottom of the butt. A V-shaped booty can be improved by doing cardio and strength training to add muscle mass to the lower part of the buttocks.


Having a flat bottom can be frustrating especially if you’ve done a hundred squats to lift your butt and you’ve seen no results. The best way to improve a flat butt is to focus on building muscle by focusing on weighted exercises like gluted bridges, weighted hip thrusts and squats. 

Upside down heart shape

A heart shaped booty has more fat at the bottom portion of the booty. The best way to bulk up the top portion of your booty is to focus on adding weight in the upper thighs with squats, kickbacks and other strength training workout.

If you’re looking to shape and build up your booty, consider investing in the Booty Maxx butt enhancement supplements. These supplements aid in redistributing fat deposits in your butt to create a bigger and fuller look. While genetics are largely responsible for the shape of your butt, you can use butt enhancement supplements to create the booty of your dreams. 

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