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What Are Those Dimples On Your Butt and How to Get Rid of Them

What Are Those Dimples On Your Butt and How to Get Rid of Them

What’s your biggest body hang up? For many women it’ the dimples in their butts. On your quest for a perkier and full booty, cellulite is a common problem that you might encounter. Cellulite is a result of fat deposit accumulation right under the skin’s surface. Even if you’re on the thinner side when body fat starts to appear it’s usually due to an increase in body fat.  What many people don’t know is that fat stored under the skin has a different structure than fat that may be located elsewhere on the body. As these fat cells increase the abnormality becomes easier on the surface of the skin. 

The appearance of dimples on your butt can make you self conscious especially when its time to put on a swimsuit. While there are numerous lotions and gels on the market that promise to get rid of cellulite on the butt, the truth is that exercise and healthy diet are the key to banish your butt dimples and creating a firm and toned bottom. 

Lower Body Workout Routine

Have you implemented a good lower body workout regimen? While a fitness routine that works out your entire body is always highly encouraged  you should do two lower body exercises for one upper body exercise. Your lower body workouts should consist of multi-joint exercises. Multi-joint exercises engage more muscles which are imperative for building a toned and dimple free booty. Squats are a good exercise that works all of the major muscle groups in the body including the butt, thighs, and calves. You can even incorporate dumbbells during your squats to really fire your muscles.  Walking lunges, donkey kicks are also ideal exercises to do to build up the muscles in your butt and tone your butt. You can increase the intensity of these workouts by using ankle weights or the Booty Maxx booty band. 

As you strengthen your glutes you’ll find that the orange peel appearance on your backside starts to smooth out much more. Be sure to experiment with different glute strengthening exercises for the best results. The right butt enhancement supplements can also help you obtain the toned bottom you desire.

Eat Healthy

Of course, when you’re trying to eradicate cellulite it’s important to adopt a clean diet. Start by eliminating processed foods from your diet that contain lots of refined sugar and sodium. Processed foods can cause water retention which is likely to increase the look of dimpled cellulite on your buttocks.

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