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The Side Effects of Illegal Butt Injections

The Side Effects of Illegal Butt Injections

The desire to have a fuller, rounder and pouty bottom has become the new cosmetic craze for many men and women. Rather than undergo invasive surgery to achieve a pert derrière, butt enhancements are all the rage but not without consequence. More cases of disfigurement and haphazard practices are emerging owing to the solutions used in illegal butt injections. Health complications range from permanent scars to severe illness and loss of life.

In the last decade, increased reports of backdoor cosmetic practices have appeared across news headlines. The high incidence of women not achieving the desired results from their aesthetic procedures has still not deterred new patients from seeking ways to make their butt bigger. Sadly, the type of bottom enhancement sought often leaves the desperate derrière severely impacted.

The illegal butt injection involves the use of silicone to create a pert rear end. Unfortunately, the silicone grade used by cost-effective and backdoor practices is not medically certified or fit for human use. This leaves more people susceptible to being injected with foreign substances including cement. It forms hard lumps in the tissue, causes extreme disfigurement, and risks of clot formation causing strokes and heart failure.

Unfortunately, the illegal butt injection remains rife. Many women organize salon or cosmetic parties in undisclosed locations where unlicensed practitioners arrive to perform the dangerous procedure. Women from as young as 20 through to their 50’s are seeking the assistance of professional doctors to have the problematic silicone and other substances removed from their buttocks.

Additional side effects resulting from these unauthorized procedures include infection. Most of these fraudulent doctors do not properly sterilize their equipment leaving their patients prone to developing serious illness. A prominent case involved the presence of Mycobacterium infection found in the substance used for bottom enhancement. It required surgery to remove the substance, hospitalization and permanent scarring to the rear end. When industrial graded silicone is inserted into the skin, it hardens causing sag and heightens inflammation, leaving the skin to become discolored. Women are encouraged to seek alternatives including butt enhancement cream to develop the much-desired lift and suppleness without the risk.

From butt enhancement cream to butt enlargement pills, there are safer products available to help you achieve your desired derrière. Illegal butt injections are responsible for permanent scars, lumpy tissue, and uneven grossly deformed appearances. The introduction of non-medical grade silicone and solutions including cement can exacerbate clot formation and risk your life.

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