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The Flat Butt Fix

The Flat Butt Fix


Tired of your bum not looking good in your jeans? No doubt, creating a stronger and rounder bum creates a sexier silhouette but it will also help improve your overall self confidence. These days women are rebelling against media that has promoted that skinny is better. Curvier figures and big rounded bottoms have become a trend. What if you weren’t blessed to be so well endowed? No worries. We’re going to show you how to fix your flat bottom and create a curvier figure.


Why Is My Butt Flat?

Our genetic makeup play a big role in the shape of our buttocks. Yes, genes can determine where exactly the muscles attach themselves on the glutes. Some individuals have muscles that attach lower on the glutes while others have are positioned slightly higher. An higher attachment typically means that the buttocks will take on a shapely and voluptuous form.


While genes contributes to the shape of your bottom, the type of lifestyle you lead can also be responsible for the shape of your butt. Believe it or not, people with sedentary lifestyles don’t get much exercise are more likely to have an  unshapely bottom.


Don’t Rely On Traditional Butt Exercises


Perhaps the biggest misconception is that one can squat they're way to a bigger butt. It's important to note that one shouldn’t rely on common moves often associated with building glutes. In fact, many fitness experts recommend unilateral training to fix a flat bottom. Unilateral training allows one to directly target each glute by working on one side of the body at a time. This prevents other muscles in the leg from dominating. Sime highly effective exercises include; single leg deadlifts and single leg hip thrusts.  For the best results, use a booty bands during your butt workout.


Butt Enhancement Pills for A Bigger Booty

Booty Maxx butt pills and butt cream can help increase the size of your bottom. Our butt enhancement pills contain all natural ingredients that stimulate growth by allocating fat storage to your butt. Booty pills aren’t a magic cure to a flat bum issue. In fact, it can take a couple if months to see results. Consuming more protein while taking butt enhancement supplements will help your butt grow bigger faster.


You don’t have to go under the knife to get the butt of your dreams. Isolating glute exercise and Booty Maxx butt enhancement supplements are the key to fixing a flat butt.

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