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The Dangers of Silicone Butt Injections

The Dangers of Silicone Butt Injections

I want a butt like JLo,” one woman explained when asked if one thing about her body, injected into the buttocks to increase the size. Not only are silicone butt injections illegal but they are also very unsafe and in some instances can be fatal. Individuals administering this butt supposed butt enhancement treatment typically don’t have a medical license.

What Do Silicone Injections Contain?

What makes silicone butt injections dangerous is that individuals don’t really know what’s being injected into them. These black market butt injections are often promoted as having silicone as the main ingredient. According to experts, it’s typically a non-medical grade of silicone that isn’t sterile and likely purchased from a hardware store. Often, the silicone material is cut and mixed with other additives like sealants, olive oil, mineral, and even cement. In fact, back in 2011, a woman performing butt injections was arrested after authorities discovered that she was using a cocktail of substances including cement, fix a flat and glue.

Side Effects and Risks Associated with Butt Injections

Silicone butt injections are so unsafe because the ingredients can be harmful. Even when pure silicone is injected it can cause problems. Silicone gets into the fatty tissues and in many cases makes its way into the veils as well as other parts of the body such as the heart and lungs. This results in clotting which can lead to the amputation of a limb.

In addition, unlicensed providers don’t place emphasis on they're patient’s safety. It’s not uncommon for the procedure to take place in an unsterile environment. Many patients have revealed that they’ve undergone butt injections in hotel rooms and basements. An unsterile product and procedure significantly increase the likelihood of an infection occurring. Because the product injected doesn’t just stay in the buttocks but travels to other areas of the body, skin hardening, scarring and lumps are inescapable side effects.

Safe Alternatives to Injections

Fortunately, there is a safer and affordable option than silicone butt injections. Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills have proven to be very effective at helping people build round and lifted booty. Our pills that make your butt bigger are filled with all natural ingredients that are safe for consumption and aren’t accompanied by any harmful side effects. Illegal silicone butt injections should never be an option. Even if a patient doesn’t experience any immediate life-threatening effects, over time of butt injections symptoms can occur several years down the line.

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