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The Best Booty Band Exercises For Pregnant Women

The Best Booty Band Exercises For Pregnant Women

Got a bun cooking in the oven? That doesn’t mean that you maintain your shape and fitness through light exercise. In fact, strengthening your lower body can help make your pregnancy a lot more comfortable and it aids in faster postpartum recovery. Booty band exercises offer numerous benefits.

Why Bum Exercises Are Important During Pregnancy

Believe it or not, butt exercises are important because they contribute to the health of a pregnant body. Bum exercises strengthen the glutes which is the key to warding off achy hips and lower back pain that's common for expecting women to experience. Strong glutes also help support your growing belly and bladder.  

The glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body. When they are in optimal shape it stabilizes the entire body to adequately support the major changes it will experience.

Booty Band Exercises for the Pregnant Woman

Of course, free weight booty exercises aren’t typically recommended for an expecting woman. However, the Booty Maxx booty bands provide resistance which is highly effective at firing the glutes and building them up. Booty band exercises are ideal for any stage of pregnancy, as long as you are comfortable and not having any difficulty breathing.

  1. Banded Kickbacks

     Using a low resistance booty band start on all fours with your palms beneath your shoulder and knees below your hips. Extend your left leg straight up behind you as far as you can. Do at least five to ten reps.

  1. Banded squats

  Take your squats to a whole new level with the booty band. Using a resistance band will also ensure that you are performing squats the right way. You can place the band above your knees or around the ankles. Stand with your feet wide enough to create tension and then step sideways into the squat. Repeat front to back. 

3.Banded Walking Lunges

Placing the booty band around your ankle, step forward with the left foot and lower into the lunge position. Continue to repeat this motion for at least five to ten yards. 

These simple banded exercises will strengthen your glute muscles. Of course, you’ll want to exercise caution when doing any type of physical activity while you’re pregnant. For the best results, you should try doing these bum exercises every other day or daily if your body permits. This workout will keep your glutes and hamstrings in the best shape possible as your belly grows. 

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