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The Basic Principles of Growing Your Booty
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The Basic Principles of Growing Your Booty

Growing your booty is going to take some work, a little determination, and some patience. Not all of us were blessed with a blooming behind, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work towards one. Let’s look at the basics!

  1. Work Those Gluteal Muscles: Squats, bridge lifts, lunges, donkey kicks, and walking are five simple glute exercises to help you grow that bottom. No worries, there are plenty of options so you can spice things up. Keep in mind that there are three different gluteal muscles, and you’ll want to target all of them to reach your bigger booty goals. 
  2. Bigger Booty Diet: If you’re underweight, add some extra calories to your diet; you’ll need them. Protein shakes make an excellent calorie and energy boost. You can also add extra calories through the foods you eat. An increase in calories will help add some thickness and volume to your butt. If you’re overweight, it’ll be the opposite. Eliminate your caloric intake to shed some of those excess pounds. Protein is essential for building muscle, so be sure you’re getting enough of it. What you eat and how you eat will have an impact on your booty. For some of us, it seems that what we eat goes straight to a particular area of the body, so be sure and pay attention to that.
  3. Eliminate Acne & Booty Bumps: Technically, this will not help your booty get any bigger, not directly anyway. However, taking better care of your bottom does indirectly help. It helps build confidence and provides a feel-good flavor to help you keep reaching for those dreams. Butt acne and booty bumps can be embarrassing, so the sooner you handle all that, the better you’ll feel.
  4. Moisturize It: The phrase “smooth as a baby’s bottom” seems to fit well right here. Moisturize your bum with a lotion that isn’t greasy because you’ll end up with acne. A simple unscented lotion will be enough. Again, this is more of a morale booster that will help you stay motivated to reach your bigger booty goals.
  5. Curb Pesky Cellulite: Many people think the big booty look is all about the cellulite you’re packing. However, that’s not the case. Cellulite can be downright depressing. You can use a natural fiber brush to give yourself a rejuvenating massage that helps decrease cellulite. Before you hop into the shower, use the fiber bristle brush and scrub your bottom in a circular motion. This helps get rid of dry skin, tightens the loose skin, promotes cell rejuvenation, and increases circulation to the area. 
  6. Booty Supplements & Cream:  You can use butt enhancement supplements and cream to help get a bigger, more plump booty. If you’re looking for a larger, fuller, and lifted booty, right here’s where it’s at. These are all-natural supplements to get that booty bouncing into shape! 
  7. Wearing Leggings: Leggings are more than just an article of clothing. Leggings can actually help shape your body, including that booty. They also help your booty stand out more than it would in regular pants.
  8. Move More Sit Less: For those of us with jobs that require a lot of sitting, it’s essential that we get up and move around as much as possible. Sitting too often can lead to something called ‘flat bottom,’ which is the total opposite of what you’re looking for. Even if you have to do little exercises from your chair, work those glutes as often as you can. 

It is possible to grow your booty to its fullest. All you have to do is put in a little bit of work, and you’re bound to see positive results in no time!

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