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Summer Booties Start In Winter
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Summer Booties Start In Winter

Summer booties start in the winter. It takes time to shape, change, and tone our muscles. Some people focus on putting in the work a few weeks before swimming season, only to be disappointed. 

ALL bodies are summer bodies, and ALL booties are summer booties. Let’s face it, societal norms have evolved (as they do) to adopt more of an inclusive language, foregoing stereotypes exclusively valuing certain body types. Summer can be intimidating for many people.

But that’s not the point, so let’s look at a few examples of ways we can get those summer booties we’ve wanted.

How To Get Your Booty In Shape For Summer

Start Your Better Booty Journey In The Winter 

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, get back in shape, and eat healthier. Maybe it’s best to take time after the winter holidays to set tangible goals you would like to achieve before summer.

Formulate A Plan That Works For You

If you don’t feel confident about creating a sustainable workout or summer booty plan, you can find some online or in books and choose what works best for you. A little research goes a long way; the exercises and techniques you use to get in shape will vary depending on the outcome you’re looking for.

For example, suppose you want to tone your gluteal muscles (booty muscles). In that case, some main focus will be on efficient exercises. Someone that wants to trim some fat off the edges before toning up might want to include foods that help burn fat and cardio to help lose weight.

Find A Partner ~ You Don’t Have To Do It Alone If You Don’t Want To

Having even one supportive and motivating person can help us reach our objective more seamlessly. Building a supportive network of friends to work out with, meal-prep, mentors, and anyone who fills your cup is an excellent way to succeed! It doesn’t have to be family or friends; it can be others you meet along the way who become friends.

There’s More To It Than Exercise

Nutrition is not only vital for our health, but it’s also a crucial component of fitness as well. How we eat and what we eat play a key role in how we feel and how challenging or easy it is to stay fit.

Self-Discipline & Motivation

Self-discipline is essential in all areas of life. A lack of it leads to unfinished goals and incomplete tasks. Motivation comes and goes, but self-discipline seems to be more permanent.

We have to push ourselves when we don’t want to. Making changes for the better isn’t easy, but it is crucial to our quality of life. Don’t wait until summer’s knocking on the door to step up; hop on the trail when it’s cold outside, and you’ll see results. We believe in you; now go do that thing!



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