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Things You Can Wear To Make Your Booty Look Bigger

Things You Can Wear To Make Your Booty Look Bigger

This is dedicated to my not so big bottom sisters, and if you know you are one of those that have a generous amount of flesh in your rear area that makes everyone turn when you walk past, stand back because, with these tips that will be dished in this article, you are going to have a run for that attention you so easily command. Yes, there are ways to dress just to make your butt look bigger so sit tall, put your chin up and strut that but.

Bottom Enhancers: This seems like one of the obvious tips because duh! They are called “butt– enhancers or but enhancement” but if you are craving to make your backside look bigger and you haven’t ever considered these (not judging) it might just be time you do. Bottom enhancers come in all shapes and sizes, some of them work by putting some pad on your butt because if you can wear a padded bra, why not pad up your butt. Some of them work by synching up the area just below your butt and leaving your butt cheeks free to jiggle (trust me it jiggles), this type may be a favorite for many because it adds that naughty excitement to your underwear section. It is good advice to invest in at least one butt enhancer or butt enhancement accessory because someday you are going to have that emergency weekend thing where you might just want to pump it up a bit.

The Right Pair of Pants: The golden rule in this section is to avoid boxy shorts by all means, even if it’s a day you want to hang out with the boys and rock a carefree chic look (well, except you don’t mind looking like one of the boys) you should stick to more feminine pants that make your behind appear rounder and sexy. First, do not go for jeans with large pockets, you don’t want the pocket covering your entire butt and making it look like you have a pocket-sized bottom. Smaller and round bottom pockets are your friend (more like your bff). Also skin tight pants are the way to go because they hold your legs tight making them look smaller compared to your voluptuous backside.

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Rock a Pair of Heels: If you thought heels only do justice to your legs and your height, then you have to crawl out of your rock and reconsider. Heels do marvelous things to the appearance of your bottom; first, it gives your spine a more posture and in respect gives your back a curvier arch. So you see the arch of your back, the spine and the legs are all working together at the same time to give your butt that beautiful lift you definitely want. Just try to pick good silhouette shoes and avoid chunky soles. 

Synching your Waistline: To be honest, synching waistline looks good on almost anyone with most body shapes. However, what you may not know is that it can make your butt appear bigger than it is and this is why: having a big butt means that your hip/bottom area is relatively wider than your waist area so in this case, we are trying to dramatically make your waist look smaller. Remember those old school balls where all the women seemed to have a generous bosom and dramatically wider hips guess what did the trick, “body shapers”. Before you get scared, we are not trying to recreate such drama, but simply to apply a similar technique. We can achieve this synched waistline by using a good belt around the small of your waist or by going for body shapers that do this for you (especially when you have that body-hugging dinner gown to wear.

Skirt and Dress Line: Not all skirts and dresses have the goal of making you look as curvy as you want. I am sorry, but even your favorite skirt might not be doing justice to how your butt looks. Starting from the basics, does it make your waistline look small? If yes then you are off the right start. Remember we talked about body-hugging pants? In the case of skirts or gowns wearing skin, tight ones may backfire depending on the prints, the color, and texture. But if you get it right then you can fall in love with what it does for you so, skin-tight skirts that hug your waistline is a good option. Other than skin-tight skirts, A-line or flared skirts are perfect especially when they are short to show those beautiful legs. When the flared skirts stop shortly below where your butt raises the skirts it can be said that it is at the perfect length.

Patterns: We have all heard about people being deceived by patterns on pants to thinking a butt is bigger than it is if you don’t get it think of yoga pants and how the patterns just make everyone look like they got the right cushion behind them. For patterns, when going with stripes it is preferably horizontal stripes on the hip area because they make the hips appear wider compared to other parts of the body, by all means, stay away from vertically striped skirts because it pulls the figure down.

High Waisted Clothes: The thing about high waisted clothes is that they synch your waistline as mentioned earlier. Basically, if you are picking clothes (skirts and pants) pick the ones that settle higher on your waist rather than low on the hip so that the full curve of your behind can be shown. People with smaller butts swear by this high-waist clothes tip.

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It is possible to make your butt appear bigger than it is by wearing the right clothes so that you do not have to feel intimidated by others with their bubble butts. Keep these temporary tips in mind next time when you have an event where you need a head-turning Booty.

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