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New Year New Booty
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New Year New Booty

The new year is right around the corner and if you play your cards right you might be able to walk into the New Year with a new booty too! You don’t want to be left behind, do you? Taking good care of your bum can keep it healthy, smooth, and in amazing shape by all means it deserves a little TLC too. Here are some ways to get your New Year New Booty on!

  • Whip It Into Shape: There are so many different exercises that focus on the glutes. Lunges, squats, donkey kicks, frog pumps, and walking are all great ways to work out those muscles. Be sure to work out all three areas of your booty.
  • Booty Bands: You can incorporate a booty band into your regular workout. There are some amazing booty band exercises. One great thing is the booty band can be used for pregnant women who are trying to stay in shape. These exercise will help prepare you for postpartum recovery after your baby is born.
  • Exfoliate Those Sweet Cheeks: Exfoliating isn’t just for the face! Exfoliating those cheeks will help eliminate any booty bumps and/or acne. You can use a simple gentle exfoliator at least once a week and it should help ease what ails your behind. There’s nothing like breaking out at the most inappropriate of times so to eliminate any embarrassment don’t wait until it’s too late, make exfoliating a regular part of your routine. 
  • Keep It As Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom: There’s nothing wrong with using a little lotion on your booty. It will help keep it smooth and sleek. Be sure to use an oil-free lotion because lotion with oil can cause acne and booty bumps.
  • Butt Enhancement Pills: You read that correctly, there are all natural booty pills designed to help you get a larger, fuller, lifted booty. You can see results in a matter of weeks and even sooner if you exercise regularly in combination with pills that make your butt bigger.
  • Waist Trainers & Leggings: Waist trainers do more than slim the waist they also add a little more to the booty. Leggings can help give your body a flawless shape for both your waist and your booty. 

  • New Year New Booty! Go ahead and give your tush the pampering it has been needing. Our booty’s need love too! 

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