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Make Sure Your Butt Looks Good in A Bikini

Make Sure Your Butt Looks Good in A Bikini


Tis the season to the hit the beach in your best bikini. If you’re like most women you’ve probably spent all winter obsessing over whether your body will be right for bikini season. Now that you’ve shed those unwanted pounds it's time to get your butt in shape so that it sits just right in your bathing suit. Want a bigger and rounder butt? We’re going to show you how to grow your glutes


Strength Training

Building a lush bikini bottom won’t take forever and a day if you focus on strength training your glutes. Glute specific exercises that target the buttock can be a challenge for some women because it can be easy to activate the hamstrings and quads instead. Some of the best exercises to do are deep squats which provide the most glute activation.  When performing deep squats you’ll want to incorporate a barbell to for the maximum results. Lunges and bridges with dumbbells or barbells can also be really effective. You can even incorporate the Body Maxx booty band which is a resistance band that is designed to make your glute workouts much more intense. The great thing about the booty band is that it helps you activate your glute muscles which are the key to building a nice, round and lush bottom.


Interval Training

Interval training is another powerful booty building exercise option. Interval training involves breaking up your cardio into chunks. You’ll have periods of high-intensity workouts and then a recovery period. This enables you to build muscle while burning fat at the same time.


Butt Enhancement Pills

Along with a regular exercise regimen, incorporating butt pills will help you get the results you want faster. The Booty Maxx booty pills work by helping to redistribute some of your body fat to the buttock. They also contain natural herbal extracts that stimulate hormones that promote growth and firm in this area.



What you’re eating on a daily basis can also very well determine how your butt looks in your bikini this summer. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply adopt a routine of booty blasting workouts. Ultimately, your success is going to be determined by your diet. For a bigger butt, you’ll want to lean towards foods that are high in protein.  Be sure to consume lots of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


Now is the time to make sure your booty looks great all summer long while frolicking on the beach.


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