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How To Shape Your Bottom

How To Shape Your Bottom

Now that summer is quickly approaching people are flocking to the gym to get in shape. While men are typically focused on building their muscles to look good topless at the beach, most women are set on shaping their butt to create a nice rounded and plump dierre so they can look good in those short shorts this summer. If your butt is on the flat side or you’re simply looking to give your bum more definition we’re going to show you how to shape your booty.

Start Off with A Butt Building Supplement

The first thing you’ll want to start off with is a dietary supplement that is specially formulated to build your glutes. Booty Maxx butt enhancement supplement is a product that has been effective at helping women build a voluptuous bum. It contains all natural herbal ingredients that work by stimulating fat cell growth in the butt. This is a great tool that you should include in your booty building arsenal.

Change Up Your Diet

Even if you have a smaller frame, eating tons of sugar and carb-heavy foods aren't the key to making your butt bigger. In fact, you’ll need to consume lots of lean protein. Protein helps build muscles which are necessary to beef up and round out your bottom. Of course, vegetables and whole grains and fruits should be a part of your diet. Be sure to eat several small meals a day.

Booty Building Exercises

You’ll need to develop an exercise regimen that focuses on building your thighs and glutes. Exercises like lunges and deep squats target the muscles in your butt and thighs. It's important to routinely switch up the exercises because if you won’t get the lift that you’re seeking. Your body will quickly get used to basic repetitions of up and down squats and leg lifts. There are as many as fifteen variations of squats, lunges, and leg lifts that you can do. Fitness experts recommend implementing weights and strength training. Alternating between exercises accommodates the fast twitching and slow twitching muscles in your buttocks.

Don’t Forget the Booty Band

When performing booty enhancing exercises you don’t want to forget to use the booty band. The Booty Maxx booty band is a resistance band that is designed to help you reach your butt goals. Using a resistance band can tremendously help because it forces you to engage your glutes rather than the muscles in your hip and thighs while exercising.

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