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How To Rock Booty Shorts This Summer

How To Rock Booty Shorts This Summer


As the temperature rises sky high so does the hemline leaving little to the imagination. Warm weather means we ’ll be seeing lots of bums in short shorts. Booty shorts are super comfy however when you wear them this summer you don’t want to worry about looking too sloppy or casual. If you want to slay in your booty shorts this summer you’ll need to take your fashion sense up a notch. You’ll need to choose trendy pieces to wear. Layering and adding in unique accessories can totally transform your average booty shorts.


Here are some useful tips for rocking them this summer:


Get Your Butt Ready

If you’ve got the nerve to show off your underbutt in booty shorts then you’ll definitely want to make sure it's in tip-top shape. Squats will be your savior. You can do right from your home. A good butt workout regimen, when used with Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills, and cream can create the booty of your dreams.


Say Yes to High Waisted

High waisted short shorts is the only way to go. High waisted booty shorts will sit right at the small of your waist hugging all of your soft curves. They elongate your legs and further accentuates your curves.


Layer with Kimono

If you want to wear your booty shorts without baring it all to the world? Why not pair them with a long kimono. A kimono in a bold hue or pattern instantly update your outfit. This outfit is perfect for festivals, parties, and concerts.


Crop Tops Are Burned Out

This summer isn’t the time to overload with the crop top and denim shorts look. Fortunately, we are not stuck in the nineties. You’ll want your butt to take main and center stage so covering up your midriff while wearing your booty shorts is a must.


Mix Up Selection of Tops

There is an assortment of trendy tops that you can wear with your booty shorts. From an off the shoulder to a chambray button-down shirt these tops are right on trend.


Confidence Is Key

When wearing your booty shorts this summer you’ll need loads of confidence. Don’t spend the day pulling out wedgies, worrying if your camel toe is showing or if someone is looking at your butt cheeks. This will make you self conscious and that's a surefire way to lose your sex appeal. Be sure to hold your head high in your short shorts

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