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How To Make Sure Your Butt Looks Good In Jeans

How To Make Sure Your Butt Looks Good In Jeans

What’s your favorite pair of jeans? Whether you like dark or light washes you no doubt want your butt to look good in the jeans you’re wearing. If you want your butt to look good in jeans you’ll need to pay attention to details. 

Want to look bootylicious? Here are three details you should be looking for

Pay Attention To The Pocket Size

When it comes to fashion, the scale is everything. Wearing patterns, prints, and accessories that aren’t proportionate to your body it instantly creates a disconnect. When it comes to the pockets on your jeans it’s important to select jeans that compliment your butt. If you have a small butt you’ll want to avoid jeans with large pockets. Not only will it not make your butt look bigger but it will overwhelm your frame. The pockets should sit on the center of each butt cheek.

The Pockets Should Sit High

There’s nothing worse than a saggy looking butt. To avoid this look it's important to choose jeans with the right pocket with the right height placement. When the pockets sit too low it instantly creates a sagging appearance. Your jean pockets should sit high up on your butt.

Consider The Size of The Yoke

The yoke is the V. shaped seam that runs along the top of the waistband. The yoke is there to make the fit look better and improve the overall aesthetics of the jeans. If the yoke is too straight your butt will look too boxy because it doesn’t mimic the shape of your figure.

If there are no yokes on the jeans it won’t define your curves. The lack of structure also makes the back pockets look like their floating. While such a detail may seem minor it can make a huge difference. 

Try Butt Enhancing Shape wear

Butt enhancing shape wear can give you an instant lift. Butt lifter separates and lifts the bottom of the cheeks to create a perky and plump bottom. Butt pads are also a great quick solution for filling out your jeans. Depending on the brand, you can purchase jeans with butt lifting technology that will give you the luscious booty you’re looking for. 

Want permanent results? The Booty Maxx butt enhancement supplement can help you achieve a permanent plump bottom. Booty Maxx butt pills contain natural ingredients that are safe to use. Try our butt enhancement supplements today so that your butt always look good in your jeans. 

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