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How To Make A Square Shaped Bum Rounder

How To Make A Square Shaped Bum Rounder

In an age where every Instagram model is sporting a round and shapely butt it can be difficult to embrace your square shaped bottom. When women don’t feel confident about their body they are always self conscious about their appearance. If your bum is square shape it’s likely due to excess fat and lack of muscle tone. Rest assured, with diet and exercise you can completely transform the shape of your bottom. It’s time to shed that extra weight and tone up the gluteal muscles. And we’re going to show you just how to do it. 

Change Your Diet

Square shapes tend to fall a little on the bottom and most of the volume is on the top portion of the body. The first step in transforming the shape of your bum is to lose the excess weight on top. This can be done by reducing your caloric intake. In fact, by reducing the amount of calories you consume by at least 500 calories you can lose at least a pound a week. Substitute sugary and processed foods with fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Drinking a lot of water will give you a sense of fullness and Whenever you’re trying to transform the shape of your bum, implementing a healthy diet is imperative. 

Toning and Shaping Your Bum Through Exercise

What’s your exercise regimen looking like? To lift a square shaped bum you should focus on the gluteus medius which are the lateral muscles that are located at the top of your butt close to your waist. Lunges are a popular exercise that most trainers will recommend to lift your bum. However, adding rotations to your legwork and lunge routine will help eliminate your muffin top,and love handles. Besides the buttocks, these exercises specifically targets the waist, obliques and the lower back. Of course, incorporating dumbbells or free weights with your workouts will intensify your workouts which will ultimately help you shape your bottom faster. 

Take A Butt Enhancement Supplement

Believe it or not, butt enhancements supplements can play a big role in transforming your square shaped bum. The Booty Maxx butt pills work by increasing fat deposits in your booty which will add volume to your butt. Butt enhancement supplements contain natural herbs like fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel seed, and wild yam. For the best results, you should take the Booty Maxx butt enhancement supplements consistently, combine it with a booty building fitness routine and a healthy diet. 

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