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How To Get A Hour Glass Figure

How To Get A Hour Glass Figure

Tiny waist, round curvy hips, yes there’s nothing more undeniably sexy and feminine than a coke bottle shape. Most women desire to have a coke bottle or hourglass shape figure that turns heads and melts hearts. That’s why women are spending thousands of dollars each year for a cosmetic surgeon to sculpt their body. What if you don’t have money to spend on cosmetic surgery?

Getting the hourglass shape if your dreams without going under the knife. Here are some tips for sculpting your body:

Be Realistic

First of all, it’s important to be realistic about the results you are seeking. Yes, building that coke bottle shape won't happen overnight. Time and effort are essential for building the type of body shape you desire. To get a curvy lean body you’ll need a workout routine that engages your whole body and of course a healthy diet. Working out at least four times a week can help you achieve your body results faster.

Should You Do Cardio Or Not?

Are you tipping the scale? If your goal is to shed excess weight than cardio can be effective at helping you achieve a more toned curvier body. To increase your calorie burn you should do cardio at least two days a week. No doubt, losing those few extra pounds will help reveal those sexy curves hiding beneath.

What if you’re working with a skinny frame and your goal to gain a little extra weight and muscle to help get that hourglass shape? Then you’ll definitely want to limit how much cardio you are doing. Doing too much cardio will result in you losing all the curves that you already have.  

What type of exercises should you be doing?

Glute Activation Exercises

It’s time to focus on building a bigger butt and increasing the muscle mass in your thighs. Deep squats using weights are great for activating the gluteus muscles and the upper thighs. In addition, donkey kicks is another booty building exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment and can be done right in the comfort of your home. There are all kinds of butt exercises you can do including lunges and leg abductors.

Implementing Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills can also help you increase the size of your butt and add curves to your hips. Our butt pills increase the fat deposits in your buttocks and hips.

Get That Tiny Waist

Get a smaller waist by switching up your diet. Yes, eating the right diet is also important for building a bigger butt and creating more curves.  Be sure to consume lots of protein and healthy fats which are necessary to increase your body’s muscle mass. Also, you’ll want to slowly introduce more fiber like oatmeal, beans and Brussel sprouts to your diet.  Fiber will keep your stomach feeling fuller so that you won’t overeat. Many women also waist train to get a really small waist and well-toned abdomen.

Getting that hourglass doesn’t have to be super difficult. Through hard work and consistency, you’ll be showing off your beach body in no time.

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