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How Safe Are Butt Injections

How Safe Are Butt Injections

Butt injections are the rave right now with more and more women and even men seeking to augment and enhance their buttocks as a result of the increasing social media emphasis and modern societal expectations. It’s a cosmetic procedure done by injecting hydrogels, oils, saline, silicone and into the butt and hip areas for shapely and more aesthetically appealing results. Substances like glue, paraffin, petroleum jelly, not FDA approved for humans are also being used to perform illegal butt enhancements.

Apart from the body’s own fat, silicone and saline implants are very popular for butt injections and cosmetic surgery around the world but instead of the regular implants, many unlicensed doctors are using free silicone, a liquid form silicone or better still, the liquid that makes up the implant. It is safer to have silicone implants in the body than have the liquid silicone injection but people prefer the illegal procedures because they are way cheaper than the legal; procedures which can cost up to $7,000. The liquid silicone, once in the body, can freely move to any part of the body and cause negative reactions because it is not confined within a protective barrier like the implants present. The cheaper option, in this case, presents numerous risks and complications such as

Abnormal nodules under the skin, allergic reactions, asymmetrical results, bleeding, breathing problems, butt abscesses, chest pain, chronic fatigue, kidney problems/failure, lungs infection, nerve damage, pulmonary embolism, scarring, severe body pain, uneven butt augmentation and of course, death

These risks are not unusual in regular surgery cases but many dangers of this procedure are heightened because they are mostly performed by unlicensed doctors who claim to be licensed. It is when the results go south that the truth is discovered. Though there are risks even with standard surgical procedures, any type of surgery, cosmetic surgery, in particular, is best performed legally and with the use of products approved by the FDA, for minimal risks.

Is this then the end of the road for butt enhancement and cosmetic surgeries? No, there are natural products like Booty Maxx that offer a safer and healthier alternative to dangerous butt injections.

How Safe Are Butt Injections

Booty Maxx is a natural butt enhancer, made from the finest herbs and plants to give you your desired butts. Using its unique formula combinations to promote healthy fat to your butt and also stimulate muscle toning and firming in your buttocks area.

Booty max is made with natural extracts such as the Saw Palmetto Berry, the Fenugreek Seed Extract, and the Atlantic Kelp. The Saw Palmetto Berry is known for its timeless ability to boost buttocks as a result of its natural estrogen. It also stimulates the growth of the muscles in the glutes leading to buttocks that are firm and well toned. The Fenugreek Seed Extract has buttocks-beautifying abilities that ensure that your butt is not only great but also appealing to the senses. Atlantic Kelp is a bodybuilding extract that results in stronger bones and firmer muscles to support your new butt.

Booty Maxx products Supplements offer a safe, healthy and beautiful alternative to dangerous cosmetic surgery.


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