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How Often Should You Be Working On Your Glutes

How Often Should You Be Working On Your Glutes

Want to build a rounder plump dierre? There are a number of reasons why you should be working your glutes; it keeps your hips from tightening and ensures that your pelvis is stable, which ultimately can help prevent injury. But let’s be real, the reason you really want to train your glutes is so that you can have a nice butt. 

It’s very important to be strategic about your butt workouts. Squatting and lunging doesn’t just become boring but it can also stand in the way of you obtaining the butt of your dreams. 

How Often Should You Put Those Glutes To Work?

According to expert personal trainers, heavy compound glute training like deadlifts, hip thrusts and squats should only be performed two to three times a week. To ensure that your engaging all of the muse led in your butt be sure to round out your workout with glute specific exercises. 

How many days a week should you be putting your glutes to work? Two to three days a week is enough. Your in-between recovery days are very important. Recovery data contribute greatly to glute strength. Resting time can vary based on the individual, the types of exercises you’re doing and your glute training experience. 

Your muscles need time to recover and respond to the stimuli you’re exerting on them. Pay close attention to how you feel from workout to workout especially on heavy compound lifting days. If you’ve been experiencing dips in your strength you should give yourself another rest day.

Don't’ Make This Mistake...

Perhaps the biggest mistake that people make during glute training is placing too much emphasis on glute specific exercises. If your goal is to build a bigger booty you need to be doing exercises that smash you. That means you’ll want to opt for exercises that target each muscle in the group; minimus, medius, and Maximus. Most booty exercises also workout the quads and hamstrings as well. You should focus on moves that really smash every muscle in the glutes. Squats are great for activating the lower glutes but hip thrust works both your upper and lower glutes. 

Implement A Butt Enhancement Supplement

There’s nothing wrong with a little help. The Booty Maxx butt enhancement supplement can be just what you need to transform your glutes. When taken as part of a good booty workout regimen these supplements can boost glute muscles as well as increase fat storage in the buttocks so that you’re dierre is much perkier, plump and rounder.

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