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How America’s “Ideal” butt has changed over the years

How America’s “Ideal” butt has changed over the years

Twenty years ago the “thin is in” motto had women hating they're curves and instead of doing everything they could to maintain a slim figure. These days big butt worship is all we see on the television screen and on social media. Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj women are investing in the surgical enhancement and even black market injections just to sport a big dierre. Booty Maxx Butt enhancement pills  have also been effective at helping women achieve their booty goals.

No doubt, big butts are awesome and it’s pretty cool that they are finally having they're moment. What is it with about our country’s obsession with a woman’s size and shape? The truth is that real women have curves and curves are too be celebrated. 

How Has the Ideal Butt Changed?

In the forties and fifties, major curves were in style. In fact, rounded butts and hips were so popular that it led to the development of hip and booty pads. Women with small frames were being shamed and encouraged to take weight loss supplements in order to fill out.

Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor were the sex symbols of this generation. They were worshipped for their sexy hourglass figures. They're curvy bodies populated mainstream culture which is why weight gain advertisements became popular.

In the sixties, the perfect butt and figure had drastically changed. Small frames and butts quickly rose to popularity. This largely due to the fact that revealing clothes such as mini skirts and belly shirts were trendy in fashion. Such clothing was suited for small frames with subtle curves.

Fast forward to the nineties the ideal body types has undergone another transformation. Small, flat or round all kinds of body types and bums was celebrated. Supermodel Kate Moss popularized the petite, tiny waif-like a bum while Naomi Campbell had the guys drooling over super pronounced round bums. We can’t talk about the nineties without mentioning the ” original big booty” which is Jennifer Lopez.

In the early nineties as well as in the early 2000s JLO’s oozing sex appeal encouraged round and plump butts. Today, bigger and fatter bums still reign supreme.

Why A Big Bums Are Popular?

When you think about it, bigger butts will never go out of style. From a biological standpoint, wide hips and a little junk in the trunk is a sign of good health. Also, we live in a world where celebrities and Instagram models are idolized and have become the so-called standard of beauty.

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