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A bigger and firmer backside is a dream comes true for most women. It gives you a wider range of options while shopping and there is this new found confidence that comes with a bigger backside.

 Beyond the enlargement of your buttocks, there is also the need to ensure that it is evenly toned and firm. A large butt with uneven tone and sagging cheeks is unattractive and leads to an unappealing figure. If you already have curves and a large buttocks, all you need to do is to get it firm instead of trying to shed fat.

In making your dreams of a sexy butt come true we take a look at the role of healthy meals coupled with the use of natural supplements.

Your healthy meal plan for a larger butt

A healthy meal plan starts with what you should stop eating.  Most people assume that the pathway to a larger butt is food packed with fat. This leads to them binge eating in a bid to build up fat.

The problem is that they have built up unhealthy fat through wrong food choices. These choices get back at them by exposure to weight related diseases alongside diabetes. Instead of packing on the calories, make a conscious effort not to skip meals and avoid snacking in between meals.

What healthy meals should you adopt?

Fruits and vegetables

It should not come as a surprise that fruits and vegetables are top of the list. They serve as a much needed alternative to processed food items that induce fattening. They are very important because of the vitamins and other nutrients they come with.

Dark leafy greens like spinach and cabbage are always great choices. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and give your immune system a much needed boost.


Nuts are heavily packed with proteins and vitamins that are very beneficial to your body. They also provide a great deal of energy to keep you on your feet throughout the day, making them a great alternative to fatty snacks

Whole wheat

Whole wheat is a much healthier alternative to white bread. Its composition which includes healthy fat, vitamins and minerals coupled with the presence of fiber make it a butt enlargement friendly food choice.   


In trying to eat healthy and build your buttocks, there is always the temptation to take a break and indulge yourself. This is where water comes into the picture. Drinking water throughout the day helps to reduce hunger pangs throughout the day. In cases where your healthy meals are accompanied by a rigorous exercise regimen, continuous intake of water helps to keep you hydrated and active throughout the day. 

The role of natural supplements

In the search for a bigger and firmer butt, natural supplements help you streamline your efforts. Booty maxx products are sourced from the most beneficial plants and herbs to give you the bigger buttocks that you deserve.

 The butt enlargement pills specifically targets your buttocks by taking advantage of your body’s internal also assists your body in storing healthy fat and it stimulates muscle growth. This process is not by any means an accident. It is due to the unique combinations present in every Booty maxx product.  Sourced from the best natural extracts, each component brings something to the table.

The Saw Palmetto Berry has been trusted by generation after generation for its butt boosting ability. This due to its ability to reproduce the natural effect of estrogen which contributes immensely to breast and buttocks size.  Its promotion of growth for the glute muscles also leads to a firmer and well-toned butt.

The Fenugreek seed extract is another major component. Its age slowing properties combined with its role as a beauty enhancer helps to promote the growth of an appealing butt.

The butt enhancement cream ensures that you do not only have a larger butt but also one that is visually appealing. Its continuous application helps to get rid of spots and cellulite on your butt.

Healthy meal choices form the first steps towards a bigger butt and when combined with the wonderful components in our natural supplement products you can sprint the rest of the ways towards your enviable figure.

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