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Dead Butt Syndrome - How Does It Throw Off Gluteal Gains

Dead Butt Syndrome - How Does It Throw Off Gluteal Gains

On a journey to building a bigger and stronger booty? Well, if you’re spending hours every day sitting on your butt chances are you’re actually murdering your glute muscles. While it may sound comical, dead butt syndrome also referred to as gluteal amnesia is a real thing and it can be thwarting all the work you’ve been putting in to build up your butt. The muscles in you’re rear end will need to be fired back to life if you hope to see a lower body gains. 

How Does Dead Butt Syndrome Happen?

Dead butt syndrome occurs when the major muscle in the buttocks; the gluteus medius isn’t engaged for long periods of time and isn’t worked out regularly. When this happens, all the muscles in the buttocks stop functioning properly and it can even interfere with efficient movement. According to medical experts, when the gluteus medius stops firing it becomes nearly impossible for it to initiate contraction.  Dead butt syndrome is often associated with sitting for significant periods of time in which the hip flexors are active the glute muscles aren’t.

Is Your Butt At Risk?

Although anyone can be affected by gluteal amnesia, some people are at a higher risk than others. Individuals with desk jobs, commercial drivers and even those who spend long hours commuting to work are usually more susceptible to gluteal amnesia. If you spend most of your day in a sedentary position you could also be at risk. 

In some instances, even active exercisers could contract dead butt syndrome if they are not giving the glute muscles enough attention. Runners who are quad dominant don’t experience much glute activation. This can ultimately compromise they're runner’s form. 

How To Spot A Dead Butt?

Determining whether you’re dealing with dead butt syndrome is relatively simple once it sets in. Some of the main symptoms include an anterior pelvic tilt, pain in your hamstrings during  physical activity. Individuals who experience it may tend to feel the sensation of a body part falling asleep.

Gluteal Anemia Affects Glute Gains

Of course, dead butt syndrome will affect your ability to build a big and shapely booty. When the muscles in your buttocks aren’t firing this can make it really difficult to build these muscles. The best way to combat the stagnant muscles in your rear end is to work rigorously in exercising them and training them through glute firing exercises to bring them back to life. Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills can also help encourage muscle growth in this area.

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