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Clothing Items That Make Your Booty Look Bigger
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Clothing Items That Make Your Booty Look Bigger

Clothing Items That Make Your Booty Look Bigger

If you are trying to get that bigger booty look going on we are about to share some tricks you can pull off by picking the right type of clothing. Trying to make that booty pop can be difficult if you’re not wearing the right jeans or a certain pattern. These tips can work for both men and women because believe it or not men want that popping bigger booty too. 

Often times we pick our clothes out because we like the look and the style. Sometimes you simply have to accommodate those sweet cheeks and that booty will be more noticed. Your pants, type of shoes, and accessories can make all the difference in the world. Some pants just make the booty look flat and shapeless and sometimes that varies from one person to the next. These simple tips we are about to share will help you achieve the look you’re going for. Let’s get down to it.

  • Leggings & Yoga Pants: When wearing the proper size leggings or yoga pants you’ll notice that they kind of hug your body helping to reveal your body’s shape. Scrunch booty leggings are by all means the best leggings to choose if you’re going for a bigger booty look. V-shaped leggings add somewhat of a highlight to the curves and shapes letting your bum be the star of the show. Not to mention, they are one of the most comfortable pants to wear while you show off what you got.
  • Skinny Jeans & Fitted Jeans: Skinny jeans with some stretch are the way to go when trying to make your booty look bigger. There are a few things you should look for when it comes to the style of the jeans. Pockets, the cut of the jeans, and the yoke which is the seam below the waistband right above the back pockets. You want low-cut pockets, a bootleg cut, and a defined seam. Remember to keep it tight around the waist but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.
  • Heels: Boots with a heel or high-heel shoes will work. High-heels especially sort of force you to carry yourself a certain way. They change your posture just enough that it causes your booty to be pushed out a little with a slight curve in your back. This will make your butt look bigger. For the males out there you can go with the lifted boots which causes you to stand a little taller but also changes the way you stand differently than when wearing flat-bottom sneakers or shoes. 
  • Checkers & Plaid: For those of you who love wearing skirts go for the checkers or plaid style. For those of you who prefer pants or shorts, you can find them in those patterns as well. Checkers add volume to your shape making it look bigger. Pleated skirts also add extra volume because of the placement of the seam. Elastic bands can increase your hip-to-waist ratio adding some oomph to your booty too.
  • The Right Undies: When it comes down to the undies it is important to pick some that are nice and tight but not too tight. Just enough to tighten the booty a little bit. The seam line is important here too. Go for a seam line that’s a little higher and curved to add accent. You can wear thongs if you’re into that but honestly nice fitting undies that pull the butt up a little will be the best bet.
  • Accessories: Waist wraps, scarves, tote bags, and things of that nature all help define the booty. If you’re rocking those skinny jeans go ahead and add a belt that catches others’ eyes. 

  • When trying to make your booty look bigger you want to do just enough without going overboard. You don’t really want your outfit to scream “I was thrown together with only the booty in mind”. Let it flow together in a natural way but most importantly, if you’re happy with it then your job is done!! If you want a booty that looks bigger but also wants a bigger booty to try out some bigger butt pills and cream. They are natural options to help you get a bigger butt. Combine those with some regular booty exercises and you’re set! 

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