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4 Workouts You Can Do With Booty Maxx
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4 Workouts You Can Do With Booty Maxx

4 Workouts You Can Do With Booty Maxx

We would all like to have an amazing booty that’s lifted, fuller, rounder, and sculpted! Our gluteal muscles do a lot more for us outside of being a nice seat. If you look into it you’ll find out just how important our glutes actually are for the rest of our body. Did you know that there is something called ‘Dead Butt Syndrome’? It occurs when we’ve been sitting for extended periods of time without being active. People who have sit-down jobs, office jobs, and any type of job that requires you to sit for hours on end. Eventually, over time our glutes begin to go numb and believe it or not it can be hard to bounce back from DBS. In order to avoid this make sure that for every hour you’re sitting you spend at least ten minutes moving around. Let’s move on with the workout moves that will perfect your glutes and help you avoid a dead booty. Let’s get that booty popping

  • Six Minute Workout: This booty workout is great for beginners trying to begin their journey to getting a better booty. Dempsey Marks from Gold’s Gym in L.A. created this specific booty workout for PopSugar. With six minutes a day, you can slowly start transforming your glutes The curtsy lunge, squat lateral leg lift, and reverse lunges are all the moves you’ll be doing in this beginner’s workout. It’s nice when you don’t need any special gear or equipment when trying to get in shape. 
  • 10-Minute Booty Burn: This ten-minute workout is going to have your booty looking incredible before you know it. This is a quick and intense workout that targets your glutes and you will literally be feeling the burn. Which is a good thing when it comes to exercise because that means it is working. Too much burn, on the other hand, isn’t good at all.
  • The Hollywood Trainer Club: The Hollywood Trainer Club is a 30-day butt challenge. The program is broken down into six 5-day sequences of booty exercises that will help sculpt and shape your butt. This is another intense workout but you’ll start seeing those glutes form, sculpt, and tone in no time. There are floor exercises, ballet-type moves, lunges, squats, and lateral moves.
  • 28-Day Booty Building Program: This 28-day program includes workouts that require different types of workout equipment. If you don’t have access to it there are a couple on this list that don’t require anything special to do. There is an entire list that covers the exercises and the benefits. 

  • Every person is different so what works for one person in a positive way might not work as well with another. You have to find what is going to work out best for you in the sense of your body, available equipment, and the available space. There is something on this list for everyone from beginners all the way up to the pros that are into those high-intensity workout routines. It is important to give yourself time because it takes time in order to lose excess fat and trim your bum into a booming booty. It’s best to work out at least three times a week but if your body can handle more than go for it. 

    You can make your own workout routine by choosing the right exercises to target the different areas of the glutes. Our rear end is made up of three muscles, the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and the gluteus maximus. We can’t stress enough how extremely important these three muscles are. We depend on them when we walk, take steps, climb stairs, and of course when we are seated. Those are just a few things our booty helps us with on a regular basis. Believe it or not, our glutes are even helpful when we are lifting objects off of the ground. If you’re trying to perfect your glutes try some of these exercises out because they are bound to get your booty into amazing shape. If you don’t believe us try them for a week and see how it goes. Check out these routines and tell us which one’s your hip too. Have you tried any of them? If so, did the workout routine provides good results for you?

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