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Bikinis That Make Your Booty Look Bigger

Bikinis That Make Your Booty Look Bigger

Are you on a journey to sculpting and growing your booty? Creating the perfect tight and shapely tush takes time, who says you can’t make sure your butt can’t look good frolicking on the beach this summer? Fortunately, there are ways to make your bum look bigger so you don’t have to skip out on the beach or the pool. It all starts with wearing the right swimwear. There are all kinds of bikini styles that cuts that work well with different body types. 

Bikini Bottom With Ruffles

If you’re working with a flat bum, bikini bottoms with lots of ruffles can be a great way to enhance the appearance of your butt. A ruffle bikini bottom can help accentuate your cheeks and provide a slight light. The great thing about wearing such a bikini is that it's made to draw attention to the ruffle design rather than the butt that’s wearing it. 

Scalloped Edged Bikini

Fake it until you make it with a scalloped edged bikini. A scalloped edge bikini will give any type of butt a lift by accentuating the hips with a edgy cut. Wearing a scalloped edged bikini will give the illusion of curves without making you look bulky. 

Sporty Cheeky Cut Bottom

A sporty cheeky cut bikini bottom does exactly as the name implies. While it shows more of your cheeks, the high rise cut gives your body an hourglass shape so that your butt appears much bigger than really it is without looking like give you’ve got an wedgie. 

Crochet High- Waisted Bottom

High waisted bikini bottoms are in this year. This style cleverly hides your muffin top by tightly hugging your hips while providing a major boost to your cheeks. A crocheted material adds some bulk and widens the bottom. If you want to look a bit thicker opt for a crochet high waisted bottom any color other than black.

Graphic String Bikini

Have fun by going with a graphic string bikini. Not only does have a graphic bikini showcases your personality but it looks good on your booty especially if you go for a brightly hued design.  Bright colors and unique patterns play tricks on the eye and it’ll make your butt look fuller than it really is. 

If you didn’t get a chance to work on building your booty earlier during the year, selecting these types of bikini bottoms will give your butt an added lift and improve the shape. For permanent results, invest in the Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills for a rounded and fuller butt.

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