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5 Things You Should Know About Getting A Bigger Butt

5 Things You Should Know About Getting A Bigger Butt

Who doesn’t want a bigger butt? While there are numerous women flocking to the surgeon to enhance they're buttocks some of us are ready to build our booty’s in the gym this summer. Before you begin putting in the hard work to build your glutes here are some things you should know about  building a bigger but building a plump butt?

  1. Steer Clear of the Treadmill

If you are set on building a bigger butt you’ll definitely want to steer clear of the treadmill. Cardio isn’t going to help you increase the size of your bum. Running on the treadmill even if it’s on the incline will likely result in muscle wastage if you are not consuming much proteins. According to experts, the body tends to burn protein during extensive periods of low intensity cardio. Cardio is best for weight loss rather muscle building.

  1. The butt has three main muscles

There are three main muscles in the buttocks which is the gluteus Maximus, gluteus medius,and gluteus minimus Enhancing these muscles is the key to building a bigger butt. Our daily movements like walking, running and joggings engages these important muscles. Performing exercises that gives you the highest percentage of glute activation can help you get the booty that you desire. You should be training your glutes at least two times a week to stimulate muscle growth faster.

  1.  Glute isolation exercises alone won’t work.

Perhaps the biggest myth in building a big butt is that all you have to do is glute exercises such as squats, kickbacks and leg abductors. While these are great exercises, sticking to these main movement patterns during your workout sessions won’t help everyone get the results they desire. Engaging your legs and hamstrings are all crucial to building the butt of your dreams.

  1. You should be progressing with your weights

Remember, its all about challenging your muscles. Therefore, you should aim to increase the weights you’re lifting while exercising. In fact, you should be increasing your weights every two to four weeks in small increments in order to avoid hurting yourself.

  1. You must change your diet

No matter how well you stick to your exercise regimen it won’t matter unless you switch up your diet. Be sure to take in more protein and include a surplus of calories 150 -250 calories  to help your body actively build muscle. Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugary content.

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