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5 Summer Booty Hacks

5 Summer Booty Hacks

Now that summer is around the corner, people are flocking to the gym in a rush to get in shape. While guys are working on defining their muscles, a lot of women desire to create the perfect, rounded and lifted butt. Unfortunately, not all of us are well endowed with an ample booty. Creating the perfect butt fast may seem nearly impossible. However, there are some booty hacks every woman should know to look sexy this summer.

Gluteus Maximus Exercises

No doubt, adopting an exercise regimen that specifically targets the gluteus maximus is one of the first booty hacks that you’ll want to implement. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the butt which means that working to build up this muscle. Squats, lunges, bridges and leg lifts are some of the exercises that are highly effective at this building this dominant muscle in the butt. Using weights while performing these exercises can help further sculpt your butt.

Quality Butt Lifter

Every woman needs a “handy dandy” butt lifter in their underwear drawer. The great thing about a good butt lifter is that it instantly gives you the curves that you desire. A cut out style lifter will push up the fat and it moves outward so that it visually appears bigger than what it really is. Wearing a butt shaper can help you maintain your shape and over time can create permanent results.

Butt Enhancement Pills

Many women shy away from butt enhancement pills because they doubt their  effectiveness. However, butt enhancement supplements can be just what you need to build your booty fast. Booty Maxx butt pills contain active ingredients like wild yam extract, fennel seed,fenugreek seed, and saw palmetto. These herbal ingredients stimulate growing and firming hormones. They also work by encouraging fat storage in the ideal areas of the body such as the buttocks. To get the maximum results from butt pills you should combine them with good booty blasting exercise regimen and diet filled with lots of protein.

Booty Enhancing Leggings

Booty enhancing leggings should also be your wardrobe. These type of leggings can transition from day to night which means your butt will look good all during the day. Whether it’s the butt lifting leggings that lifts the tush or the booty scrunch leggings that are designed to visually give the appearance of bigger butt you should consider investing in a pair of butt enhancing leggings.

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