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5 Stages Women Go Through With Booty Maxx

5 Stages Women Go Through With Booty Maxx

5 stages women go through with bigger butt pills and cream from booty maxx

Contrary to popular belief, getting a bigger butt is easier than ever in 2018. With butt enhancement pills and cream on the market, women are ditching their gym memberships and instead choosing the way way to getting a bigger butt. While bigger butt pills and cream don’t work overnight, there are stages that women go through when starting this big butt journey up until they're happy with the increases in the size of their booty.

Going to the gym and doing squats has very different transformation stages than with Booty Maxx. You will likely be sore and may even burn fat unnecessarily in your glute areas if you’re doing too many cardio workouts. Ultimately, it's your decision whether you want to transform your booty the easy way or the hard way, but this blog will give you insight to the 5 stages women go through with our butt enlargement products.

Here are the 5 stages that women go through when getting a bigger booty with Booty Maxx:

Stage 1: Doubting Bigger Butt Pills & Cream

Trust us, we all were there at some point. A lot of women doubt that our butt enhancement pills and cream actually work and they don’t take the instructions seriously. Even though we use maca root and fenugreek in our formula (which are 100% butt enlarging ingredients), women think that pills and cream to make your butt bigger are too good to be true.

Have you seen our butt enhancement pills and cream reviews? Check out our reviews page if you have any doubt related to Booty Maxx. Literally THOUSANDS of women have gained mass in their butts and you could too. While we understand why you doubt, once you see our reviews page, you should be convinced that our butt stuff actually works.

Stage 2: Purchases Butt Enhancement Pills & Cream Kit

Once women get past the doubting stage, they finally purchase the Booty Maxx Kit, which is the #1 selling butt enhancement pills and cream combo on the internet. They probably used our discount coupon “FIRST10” for 10% off their first order (which is awesome and you should use it too). We encourage you to give Booty Maxx a try no matter what; even if you’re still doubting, use our discount code and if you buy the kit, you also get free shipping included.

Stage 3: Uses Booty Maxx Daily For 4 Weeks

This stage is important, and we recommend using Booty Maxx everyday, twice a day, for the entire 30-day supply. Even missing one day of butt enhancing pills & cream can be hurtful to your booty gains. Women often get in the rhythm of using it twice a day which is perfect. They also tend to use Booty Maxx in combination with their workouts, which is great as workout does help in making the results faster. Although you don’t have to workout, we would recommend it only if you want to see results quicker.

Stage 4: Initial Booty Gains Are Seen

After the first 4 weeks of using the Booty Maxx Kit daily, women tend to see their first results. We recommend that women should use a measuring tape to measure the size of their butts weekly so they can keep track of their gains. The gains could range from a couple centimeters to an inch after the first 4 weeks depending on your regimen. If you’re running or doing squats, your results may vary even more. Something to keep in mind is that every women’s bodies transform at their own pace, so if you don’t see huge results after 4 weeks, don’t give up!

Stage 5: Pure Joy

After a few months using Booty Maxx, women are typically ecstatic about their booty gains. Since they initially doubted the effectiveness of bigger butt pills and cream, the transformation of their booty blew them away. This is typically when women also leave reviews on our website about how awesome the product is and letting women know that they once doubted the product, but now they’re believers.

If you’re still on the fence regarding butt enhancement pills and cream to get a bigger butt, feel free to contact our office (which is full of female representatives that also have big butts) that will guide you through the process and even give you a discount over the phone!

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