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5 Side Effects of Getting A Bigger Butt

5 Side Effects of Getting A Bigger Butt

5 side effects of butt enhancement pills from getting a bigger butt

This may come as a surprise to some, but there are side effects of getting a bigger butt that many women don’t account for. These side effects aren’t bad at all, but they are experienced by the majority of women who either have a big butt already, or are in the process of getting a bigger butt with butt enhancement pills that make your butt bigger. The big booty club was once exclusive, but with Booty Maxx, any women can get a big butt.

Women who have had a big booty for most of their lives probably don’t even notice most of these side effects anymore since they had time to get used to them. But for women with flat butts who now want bigger butts, the journey to big booty club is filled with excitement, adventure, and some struggles along the way. Whether you’re doing squats or using pills and cream to get a bigger butt (from Booty Maxx, we hope), these side effects are universal.

Here are 5 side effects of getting a bigger butt:

Wearing Heels is 10000x More Sexy

You may experience this pretty soon if you’re using butt enhancement pills and cream daily. Wearing heels makes your butt cheeks look HUGE. You’ll look more curvy than ever when going out with friends, which is a good thing. The next time you go shopping for heels, make sure there’s a tall mirror around so you and your girlfriends can check yourself out when trying on those new stilettos!

Your Pant Size Is A Mystery

Getting a bigger booty will completely affect your pant size and that’s a fact. You may have known your size at some point in your life, but with bigger buttocks in the trunk, don’t expect to have an easier time at the mall. This doesn’t mean that the pants you do wear won’t be sexy, and actually it’s quite the contrary. While it does take more time to find jeans that fit, they’ll look sexier than ever on your curvier body.

Turning Heads Is Your Day Job

Let’s say you’re a stay-at-home-mom. You go to the grocery store every few days, but now that you have a bigger butt, you’re noticing more attention. The usual cashier now says “good morning” when he sees you and all the bag boys want to help bring your groceries to your car. You know why they want to do that? Because you got a big booty, momma. This attention will drive your self-confidence through the roof!

Did Someone Say Free Drinks?

Oh, yes we did! No more going out to clubs, bars, or resort pools without man men trying to buy you a drink. And for this reason, a big booty can be a great economic investment for you if you like to go out a lot. Men will be begging to buy you the cocktail of your choice to get a chance to talk to you because you’re sexy. A big booty will change your life in many ways, but this one might be our favorite, especially for Margarita Mondays.

You Are Looked Up To By Fellow Women

Women always admire other women who they feel is sexy or has a desireable body that they’d love to have. You probably even admire Kim Kardashian’s butt cheeks every once in a while when you see her on TV. Some butts are so captivating that you just can’t keep from staring. Anyway, these women who want bigger butts could use a role model, and one side effect of getting a bigger butt is being able to inspire women to improve themselves to look sexier.

Are you experiencing any of these side effects? We’re confident that your life has only gotten better since getting a bigger butt. If you haven’t tried to increase the size of your buttocks, check out our butt enhancement pills and cream that will help you get a bigger butt in as little as 4 weeks!

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