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5 Booty Fitness Band Work Outs For a Bigger Butt!!

5 Booty Fitness Band Work Outs For a Bigger Butt!!

If you thought squats and lunges were the best ways to get your butt into shape, think again.

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you… the resistance band, also known as the booty band. This portable piece of equipment is a game changer; not only can you take these anywhere, they’re cost effective and work the entire body – particularly your butt!

Try these 5 butt-sculpting workouts whenever you have a few spare minutes at home, or tack them onto the end of of your gym routine for that final killer blast.

They’ve been designed to give your booty  the ultimate workout and will:

  • Tone and define your glutes
  • Improve your posture
  • Support your lower back, knees, hips and ankles thus preventing injury
  • Increase your fat burning potential! Your glutes are the largest muscle group in your body – the stronger and more muscle you have here the harder your body will work at burning calories.

1. Hip Raise – 20 reps

  • Lie on your back with band wrapped just above your knees. Feet should be hip width apart.
  • Squeeze your glutes – your hips will naturally rise.
  • At the top, activate your glutes and spread knees to side.
  • Lower slowly and repeat 20 times.

2. Plank with Lateral Leg Lift – 60 seconds alternating left and right side

  • Wrap band around your ankles and get into a plank position.
  • Slowly raise your right leg.
  • Extend your right leg outwards, hold, bring to the centre and lower.
  • Repeat this on your left hand side. Continue to alternate between sides for one minute.

3. Lateral Tube Walk – 30 seconds each side

  • With the band around your ankles, stand with feet about 30cm apart with feet facing straight on.
  • With perfectly straight legs step out to 60cm, then bring the inner foot in to starting position.
  • Continue walking out on one side for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat with the other side for another 30 seconds.

             4. Squat with Kick Back

  • Stand hip width apart and with band around your ankles.
  • Slowly lower into a deep squat.
  • Stand up and kick left leg back.
  • Repeat the full squat with right leg kick back.
  • Alternate legs for 60 seconds.

5. Side Plank with Clam

  • With the band around your knees, lie in side plank position.
  • Your quads should be flush with your body and knees at 90 degrees.
  • Place your feet on top of each other and lie on your elbow.
  • Slowly raise top knee and lower, repeat for 30 second and then switch sides.

If you are wondering if a resistance band workout is effective for not only toning and shaping your body but also building strength and muscle then Booty Bands are for you!!

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