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4 Reasons Why Having Strong Glute Muscles Is Important

4 Reasons Why Having Strong Glute Muscles Is Important

Most people work to strengthen they're glute muscles to create a shapely and toned butt. However, having strong butt muscles are essential for several different reasons rather than looking aesthetically appealing. According to popular celebrity fitness trainer Sara Lewis, your glute muscles along with your abs protects your back. Check out these top five reasons why having strong glute muscles is essential:

  1. All Your Muscles Work Together

In case you didn’t know, all the muscles in your body, including your glutes work together. That’s why spot reducing when losing weight and building muscle is impossible. Three major areas of the body that constantly work together is the lower back, core and you’re butt. That’s why booty sculpting exercises like donkey kicks and squats require you to engage these muscles. When you’re strengthening your glutes you’re also building up the muscles in your abs and back.

  1. Healthy Knees

Did you know that working out your glutes reinforces the quads, ACL which also support the knees? Therefore, a strong butt also means strong knees. If you aren’t exercising the muscles in the glutes, walking, running and any other movement that requires your knees can eventually become difficult and put you at risk for injury. 

  1. You Need These Muscles For Every Workout

Whether you enjoy jogging every morning, hiking on the trails or biking a strong butt is essential for every type of workout that you do. There are three main muscles in the buttocks; gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.  When you’re glutes are strong enables all the other muscles in your body to fire the way that they should. 

  1. Improves Athletic Performance

What’s your sport? Strong glute muscles are necessary for almost every sport because they aid in accelerating, decelerating, alternating directions, and powering explosive jumps. Also, your glute enables hip extensions. Strengthening your glutes can improve your athletic performance since athletes with strong glutes are usually faster and more explosive in they're movements. 

Now that you understand the importance of building up the muscles in your booty it’s time to develop a regimen for increasing muscle strength in this body. Butt activation exercises are much more effective when the Booty Maxx booty band is implemented. The booty band is a resistant band that can intensify your butt workouts without the need to implement equipment. Using the band will also ensure that you are performing booty building exercises correctly.

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