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4 Common Squat Problems That Don't Help Make Your Butt Bigger

4 Common Squat Problems That Don't Help Make Your Butt Bigger

Are you squatting your way to a bigger butt? Squats are a simple yet effective way to build the muscles in your glutes.  Pulling off the perfect squat requires work on the form and sometimes detailed instruction to get it right. Correct squatting is important to avoid injuries and to reap the benefits of this muscle building exercise.

Let’s take a look at the most common squat problems and how you can easily fix it.

  1. Your Knees Are Caving Inwards

If you are letting your knees cave towards each other while squatting then you’re definitely doing them wrong. This is a problem is common among beginners and if left unchecked you won’t get results. You're also risking injuring your knees and possible issues.  The best way to fix this problem is to use the Booty Maxx booty band while performing the reps. Looping the resistance band around your knees will help ensure that you keep them pointed outward.

  1.  Leaning Forward

When you lean forward before hip hinging you’re immediately weighing your back down. Now is the time to save your back before your squatting days are over before they’ve even begun. Of course, the first move in a correct squat is to push your butt back while hip hinging. This keeps your weight well-balanced which allows you to build your glutes.

How can you fix it? Place the resistance band around your waist and attach it to something sturdy.  Practice sticking your back out. Using your hips thrust your pelvis forward leaning into the band. This will help you get used to activating your glutes when performing squats.

  1.  Not Going Low Enough

How low can you go? If you aren’t going low enough you are cheating yourself. As a general rule of thumb, you should be hitting at least ninety degrees so that your thighs are parallel. In fact, depth is what builds up functional strength. If you’re having trouble performing deep squats you should try staying in the low squat position for few extra seconds before you ascend upwards.

  1.  Putting Too Much Weight On Your Toes

If you have the tendency to shift most of your weight towards the front of your toes you’re going to be feeling the squats more in your quads. When you’re squatting most of your weight should place most of your weight on your heels. The best way to fix this issue to is to squat with a chair behind you that way when you squat down your butt is brushing against the chair.

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