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4 Breakfast Foods To Get A Bigger Butt

4 Breakfast Foods To Get A Bigger Butt

4 breakfast foods to get a bigger butt

If you skip breakfast everyday, it’s time to stop that habit. Every morning, you can take a step in the right direction to getting a bigger butt. In addition, you can also pop Booty Maxx bigger butt pills in the process if you like to take it with food. Either way, if you’re not using breakfast as a measure to increase the size of your butt cheeks, you’re wasting time. While you could eat a giant maca root and call it a day, we’d prefer to eat more tasty items and so should you.

Basically, you need more protein in your diet, and breakfast is a great way to get protein in your body. If you’re working out, you’re going to need protein to grow those muscles, especially those glutes, baby. You’re also going to need to cut down on the carbs as well, which means less bread in your diet. Say goodbye to breakfast toast, ladies!

Getting a bigger butt in 2018 is pretty simple; there are butt enhancing pills and creams (like our Booty Maxx Kit) that provided the surest way of growing your glutes. But adding in a workout or two and a solid breakfast every morning will certainly help as well.

Here are 4 breakfast food that will help you get a bigger butt:

Eggs Make Your Booty Bigger

Eggs have a “butt-ton” of protein (6g to be exact) that are helpful to getting a bigger butt. Although you shouldn’t eat an entire carton of eggs for breakfast everyday, you should definitely try to get a couple of them in. You can make scrambled eggs pretty easily everyday to get some protein in for breakfast and it's not too expensive, either. No need to overthink this breakfast item: it’s as simple as it gets when it comes to getting a bigger butt!

Fruit + Protein Smoothies For A Bigger Butt

Yes, fruit smoothies definitely have carbs in them, but they’re natural sugars from the fruit! Artificial sweeteners and even cane sugar will digest slower in your body than natural sugars, so try not to add anything but fruit & protein powder to your smoothies. This breakfast item is low-calorie as well so if you’re trying to slim down, this will do the trick! You can also add in our butt enhancement pills to the smoothie to be grinded up if you don’t like to swallow pills.

Does Steak Help?

YES! Beef steak has protein up the wazoo. Steak can be added to a variety of items, but is most commonly added to eggs. You can make breakfast tacos or breakfast burritos with steak and eggs that go hand in hand together with some hot sauce or salsa. You could also just cook a steak in the morning on the pan with eggs on the side, it’s totally up to your tastes. We recommend not eating this everyday, though, as too much red meat can raise your blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, try to go for the lean steak cuts as well to maximize protein intake.

Yogurt Grows Those Cheeks

Yogurt isn’t just for kids, ladies. Go to your local grocery store and pick up some greek yogurt that has low sugar and high amounts of protein. Start off with flavored ones from Chobani or Fage, then opt for the plain greek yogurt to reduce sugar. But don’t worry! You can still add items like granola, fresh fruit, and honey to the greek yogurt to make it taste better if plain is a little hard for you to eat at first. Eating a serving of greek yogurt can give you 15g of protein on average, helping you get a bigger butt.

Combining a good diet along with butt enhancement pills and cream from Booty Maxx gives you the best chance at getting a bigger butt quickly. Our fast-acting butt enhancement formula is rare and only available on our website and Amazon. If you need inspiration or motivation to use our products and get a bigger butt, contact us today!

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