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30 day booty maxx challenge

30 day booty maxx challenge


Want a booty like the Kardashians? If you’re interested in transforming your butt and getting in shape than you’ll be interested in our 30 Day Booty Max Challenge. It’s designed to specifically target all of the glutes muscles in your buttocks. The key to growing a bigger, rounded and more voluptuous butt is exercising those glute muscles as well as the gluteus maximus.  Many women have opted to for surgical butt enhancements such as a Brazilian lift which is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Not only is cosmetic surgery is expensive but it also comes with its risks.

Are you ready to start the 30 Day Booty Maxx Challenge?


Butt Lifting Exercising Routine

There is a wide range of glute targeting exercises that you can perform to Fitness experts recommend beginning with squats, lunges, and leg lifts to start building your bum. These exercises work best when you incorporate weights to further intensify your butt lifting exercising routine. Resistance machines and cable exercises will be your best friend during this process. Step ups and glute bridges are additional effective exercises at building up the muscles in the buttocks. Use a fitness band to make your butt exercises challenging.


Butt Enhancement Supplements and Cream

During this 30-Day challenge, you’ll need to implement a butt enhancement supplement to maximize the results. Yes, these supplements are specially formulated to make your booty bigger by redistributing fat cells to the bum rather than the tummy and other parts of the body. Booty Maxx butt pills contain natural herbal extracts that stimulate growth and firming. The great thing about our butt enhancement supplements is that it will help you achieve results that look natural. Your butt will get bigger and bigger in increments creating a well-proportioned look.


If you really want the body of your dreams, consider using the My Body Maxx fat trim cream to reduce unwanted fat in other areas of the body to accentuate your growing bottom. Butt enhancement supplements and the fat trim cream should be used daily throughout the 30-day challenge.


Yes, getting a bigger and fuller booty is possible without having to go under the knife. In order to see results at the end of the challenge, you’ll have to be consistent with the butt lifting exercises and daily use of the butt enhancing supplement and creams. Start building the butt you want right now.

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