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3 Tips For A Big Booty Christmas

3 Tips For A Big Booty Christmas

With the holidays coming up, you want to look as good as possible - and that includes your booty! You want your butt to be big, round, and perky to look good in that holiday dress, not to mention all the photos that’ll be taken of you around this time of year. Even though the temptation is everywhere with foods like cookies and pie abundant, you can fight through and stay on track with your booty goals. In fact, you can use the holidays to your (booty’s) advantage with these tips!

3 Tips For A Big Booty Christmas#1 - Eat Smarter, Not Healthier

We get it, eating tons of junk around the Holidays is easy, too easy. BUT, you can use all the good food that’s around to your advantage by focusing on the things that have more nutritional value than others, avoiding things that add useless calories like sauces and drinks, and “budgeting” your daily caloric intake similar to how you’d budget money. You may not be able to control exactly what meals you’re eating, but you can control the amount of butter, salt, and other condiments and extras you add as well as avoid wine, soda, and other drinks high in sugar/calories. If there is something you just have to have, then indulge! Depriving yourself makes you much more likely to go overboard and overeat later. Just be sure to “budget” your calories, don’t waste any on store bought cookies you can buy whenever, spend them on something you can only get on special occasions like your mom's homemade pie.

#2 - Take Advantage of Holiday Activities

To make your booty standout and look as big as possible you want to avoid gaining weight in other areas, especially your waist. These habits, like monitoring what you eat, working out, and wearing shapewear, come into play. You don’t have to do them all, in fac, one of the best parts of Booty Maxx is that you don’t have to workout to see results, but you can definitely speed up and optimize your results by doing any of those things or even all three! By partaking in things such as holiday shopping with all the walking, stair climbing, and bag holding involved, ice skating, and even cutting down your own Christmas tree, you can burn calories and workout your glutes without even really noticing!

3 Tips For A Big Booty Christmas#3 - Set Your Goals

...and stick with them! Whether your goal is to go down a dress size by New Years or just get more in shape, by setting a tangible goal and determining a plan of action, your chances of sticking with your plan are much higher when you set a goal than if you just tell yourself you’re going to do it. It can also help with motivation, by setting a short-term goal there is a clear end in sight and it can help you push through a tough month or two to reach the end knowing you can stop sooner and sooner with each day that passes. These short term goals can even set you up with healthier behaviors that turn into lifestyle changes and long-term habits - super important for keeping your booty looking its best!

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