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3 Things You Do That Make Your Butt Smaller

3 Things You Do That Make Your Butt Smaller

3 things that make your butt smaller butt enhancement pills from booty maxx

Did you ever think your butt was invincible from getting smaller? Well, here’s a news flash: most women tend to get a flat butt over time. But that doesn’t mean it has to happen to every girl out there. You probably know some women who’ve maintained their figure since their high school or college days, and trust us, we’re jealous of them too. But ultimately, its your job to maintain the size of your booty, and if it’s getting smaller, to focus on natural butt enhancement to keep it sexy for your man and yourself.

Every woman has tried a butt workout at least once in her life. Maybe you tried for a few weeks, or possibly for a few years, but honestly if you’re reading this blog it means that you haven’t found much success with it. You made your way to the Booty Maxx website, so you’re truly in the right place to getting a bigger butt. Since we have pills and cream that make your buttocks bigger, your flat booty doesn’t have to be flat anymore. Your saggy butt can be lifted and round once again and have that elastic bounce when someone spanks it. Take it from our 5 star reviews, we’re the real deal.

Anyway, there are things you do in your everyday life (or weekly/monthly life) that can have negative effects on your booty gains. Your #1 focus for your body as you grow older is to keep that booty poppin’, so you need to take notes of these warnings we’re about to give you. Are you ready to be surprised? Here it goes:

Run Too Much

Running isn’t good for maintaining a big booty. It’s a workout that should mainly be used for losing weight and burning fat, but not as a butt enhancer. The calories you burn actually target the fat in your glutes, which you need that fat do maintain a full and large appearance. You heard it here first, ladies, don’t run a lot and expect your butt to get bigger, because it’ll actually get smaller.

Instead, use Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills that help you get a bigger butt without having to work out. Then, pair it with the elliptical machine or squats at home to maximize the effectiveness. Don’t make your butt smaller by running as your primary workout!

Drink Too Much Alcohol

Do you party like a rockstar every weekend? Well, if you want to maintain or even get a bigger butt, you need to cut back on the alcohol, sweetie. All of that alcohol you’re drinking (especially in sugary drinks) makes you gain fat in your mid section, which takes away from the appearance of your big butt. In other words, you can have a massive booty, but if you have lots of fat everywhere, your butt will just look like extra fat that isn’t very sexy. Why have a booty if it isn’t sexy?

Avoid sugary drinks (especially sodas) that do nothing except make your fat where you don’t want to be fat. Listen to us, we’re the experts on looking sexy.

Sit Too Much

Sitting for long periods of time is bad for you. There are so many studies out there that talk about the healthy of people who sit down too much in a day. Sitting down spreads the fat away from your butt cheeks into your thighs and also flattens it out and makes it sag. These are all things you do not want if you want to have a sexy booty. Now, we’re not saying you need to run, but you need to stay active with something. Go walk your dog or take your kids to the park. Physical activity and getting off of your butt all day will be good for you and keep your butt from getting smaller.

Do you want a bigger butt? Have you tried butt enhancement pills yet? What are you waiting for, silly. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our bigger butt pills and cream!

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